Home Photography Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Star Trails, Canon T6!

Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Star Trails, Canon T6!

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  1. Thanks guys for reviewing my picture at 1.01 and you are right, the brightness did a lot to the picture (though it didn't look that dark on my screen 😉). Oh and by the way, I live, and the picture are shot in Uppsala, Sweden 😀

  2. I watched live yesterday and was inspired to try my first star trail. It came out very good. I definitely learned a lot from your video and a lot by doing. Unfortunately I must have bumped the camera part way through or maybe while wiping the lens. Is there any way to re-align the two groups of photos? I use Lightroom, PS, Starstax. Thanks!

  3. I just ordered a paperback SDP on amazon but hasn't been delivered yet. I'm wondering if I'm eligible to get access to an electronic version as well or preferably right away?

  4. I think people need to stop making excuses for these Rebels. Canon treats their APS-C users like second rank citizens.
    -Pentax can put a large pentaprism in their entry level $250 K-50 camera, Canon can't?
    -Every smartphone maker puts 1080P @ 60FPS in phones, but Canon can only do 30FPS?

  5. (27:54) Radcliffe Camera (name of the building), Oxford City, United Kingdom. Home to the Oxford University Science Library. 5mins walk away is a pub where Bill Clinton supposedly smoked marijuana when he studied there. great show!!

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