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Tony & Chelsea LIVE! Reviewing Your Best Architecture Photography

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  1. I love the live show!! You guys have me hooked! You guys are great host! Love the hint of humor from Chelsea and the seriousness from Tony, nice balance. Personally I like 5pm on Thursdays even 6pm would be nice just because I get off at 5pm from work. But I also agree with someone else in the comments if we can submit before a day before the live show? But overall you guys are great! Thanks for teaching me the art of photography through your videos and your book:)

  2. Would be nice if the program was not only for americans as its 3 am in the morning here in Australia we would like to be involved in the show, but i see some say tough luck which is great for them but if your trying to expand your viewer base you need to consider the rest of us that are not in your country we would like to submit our photos without getting up in the middle of the night

  3. With regard to which side you are each sitting on. You've got the light going straight into Tony's face which looks nice but you've got the light crossing Chelsea's face which casts an unattractive shadow across her left side (right of frame). When lighting a couple it is almost always more attractive to light directly into her face and across his.

  4. Great show as always guys. Especially useful for us in the UK having the earlier start time. Question for a one show one day perhaps: I use an 18-300 Nikon lens on my D810, it covers all the bases, and I don't like carrying loads of stuff around. But I do have a 50mm prime 1.4 lens which I rarely use, suggestions for what I can use it for, pro's and cons when comparing the the two lenses or similar would be interesting.

  5. Good job with the politics. Way to remember what type of videos you make. 🙂 One big reason I LOVED the Craig Ferguson show was he was politically ambiguous. I watch stuff like this for the same reason I love photography. I can get away from it all. Screw all the political crap, I want to remember all the beauty in the world.

  6. Hi Tony and Chelsea! I have a pre-order in for the Sony a6500. My desire is to be able to buy the Sigma MC-11 adapter and the Sigma 70-200mm f.28 lens to work with it. Would you do a test review or compatibility video using the Sony a6300 instead with the remaining mentioned combination, please?

  7. Hey Tony and Chelsea!
    When buying a used camera, how many shutter actuations do you consider to be "too much"?
    Im looking to buy a 5d mkiii and one of the cameras I have my eye on is at 186,000!!!
    Sounds like a lot to me but I really dont know. Would love your feed back
    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Microsoft people must be the only ones that were ever pronouncing UI that way – check this:


    "As a UI engineer, I can't remember ever having heard UI pronounced yewey, only yew-eye. – Robusto Jan 8 '12 at 14:38"
    "I've heard "user interface" used quite a lot, but never "yooey" – I'd say the latter was nonstandard."
    "UI is pronounced as "you I"
    I work in IT industry and have never came across a different pronunciation."


    I think the "yoo-ee" is obviously incorrect: you know I is read like "eye" in ANY abbreviation if you simply know the
    english alphabet. That's outside of the scope of software development, that's alphabet! It's not important how many books for M$ anyone wrote – you can't defy grammar with that.

  9. I don't like straightening out the angles in architecture photos, neither via tilt shift nor in post. The reason is simple: that's not what buildings look like when you look up at them. Those straight angles in "corrected" images look unnatural and weird.

  10. Hi guys. I took a head-on picture of a Lion when i went on a Safari a few months ago however the shutter speed was too slow. The picture is good other than the noticeable blur. Is there a way to edit this out or do I have to simply delete it and forget about it? I've tried smart sharpen on photoshop but the effects are useless.

    Could I possibly drop you the photo for you to edit or tell me how to edit

    Thanks in advance.

  11. hi there i had a question about shooting raw. so ive been shooting raw and using manual setting to get the picture i want but once i transfer to my laptop itll only show the picture there, if i send to my phone it wont show and if i try editing it after im done it wont let me view it it says it cant be read so what am i doing wrong. i am very new to all this and have started viewing your videos and have helped alot but can find anything on this

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