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Tony & Chelsea LIVE Q&A!

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Join us LIVE for a quick Q&A – Join us at sdp.io/liveqa in our Google Hangout to participate! For more, SUBSCRIBE and like http://fb.com/NorthrupPhotography …


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  1. If you buy Godox lights through Adorama, rebranded as Flashpoint, then you get support from Adorama, whatever that is worth, not much in my experience, but more than Godox. I have had too many terrible experiences with Adorama to buy with them, so I bought Godox as well. I would rather throw away a broken light than have to deal with adorama.

  2. Need experience shooting weddings? Post on craigslist or equivalent for your area that you are just starting up doing wedding photography, and you will shoot one persons wedding for free (make it clear to the customer what they are getting, that you are new, etc). There are tons of people getting married all the time that have zero budget for the wedding and will take you up on the offer. After you do one for free, if you want to continue doing it, post up that you will do 3 weddings in a set amount of time (say 1-2 months) for $250-500 depending on your skill and equipment level. Then you will have 4 weddings under your belt.

    All this is assuming the skill and equipment level is reached to make people want to pay for your services.

    Equipment isnt everything, but in a wedding, you need to have certain pieces of equipment. Do you have speedlights, strobes, other flash stuff? Are you comfortable using it? Do you have your light modifiers? If not, grab your speedlight and start using it on camera. You will need that skill for sure.

  3. Small studio, too much light spill. Paint your walls black. Hang black curtains. Flag off the model with foam core or any other dark object. Use grids on softbox. Hang curtain on ceiling

  4. Tony. Grab some StandDaddys to weight your light stands. You can mount the weights lower on the stand at the base of the legs. You use freeweights instead of sandbags. They work very well and lower the stands center of gravity more to fight wind.

  5. All technical issues aside, I'm happy to see you guys try this! Please do again! It's cool to see and hear others ask their questions and especially the interaction between the three of you (+ Justin = 4). As they say (or used to say?) in Hollywood, "Nice format".

    BTW – I feel for ya Justin! I've done live sound (not live video AND sound simultaneously)…so I give you kudos for being brave enough to tackle this BIG task. Maybe Tony & Chelsea could hire another person to run sound (or video switching) on these specific Google Video Chat Live vids? So you only have one of the two tasks to deal with as scores of people join the live chat. Don't burn out Justin…LOL Good job man!

    And thanks Tony & Chelsea for giving this a try! Please try it again. Maybe with another live video chat service though? LOL.

    Ah, bummer – I just got to the end and it cutoff at 46:17 in the middle of a sentence. Oh well, YouTube Live is probably still working out the kinks in their system.
    But, I can bet that as more people use YT Live and the Google vid chat that they will get better.
    The sound from a lot of the people was very poor, but that's because of their slow internet upload speed and cheap equipment (i.e. built in mics in their devices). Maybe Justin could give a high end EQ boost to those who are calling in so it will be a bit clearer….easier to hear the sibilance and diction of their voice.

    BTW Justin – Behringer just came out with a X-Air firmware update. Not sure if I'm going to patch my XR16 (https://bit.ly/2HW8A0S) since mine has no issues (if ain't broke…right?) but maybe it could help you?

    Anyways good job guys! As always: it's a joy to watch and hear all of you over here in sunny (hot) California. 😀

  6. I wonder if the Panasonic G9 would be a good recommendation for the gentleman needing lighter lenses for sports. Seems like it would be a great camera for sports and wildlife. Maybe limited for low light though. I love the light lenses for the GH5. Especially with that extra reach.

  7. Tony & Chelsea, THANK YOU so much for setting up your captions, I realize it's not 'live' at the moment, and that's fine 🙂 We Deaf and Hard of Hearing people do so very much appreciate it. Cheers!

  8. Hi, Tony and Chelsea, i have a question about portrait photography. I have canon 600d crop sensor which i use with sigma 35mm f1.4 and canon 50mm f1.8. I am confused about buying a new canon 6d mark ii which is entry level full frame. but i am not sure either i should buy it or the sigma 70-200 f2.8

  9. Regarding Kyle Wolf's problem, I am personally very worried about the future of Godox after Donald J. Trump started the trade war. Godox uses many parts from the U.S. What hit ZTE could hit Godox as well.

  10. I ALWAYS get distracted and actively annoyed at the noise in movies, some of them look like they're using an f/5.6 lens on a super 35 sensor, indoors, with no extra lighting, on a big screen it's just… eugh I feel ill.

  11. i am a beginner. i feel like both of u are the best one to help me buy my first dslr. m confused between canon 200d and nikon d5300. please help me out. i will be very much thankful to u. thanks…..

  12. 500Mbit upstream!!! Jesus!.. Here in Melbourne Australia, I have to use the 4G on my phone to upload all my albums, as the fastest fixed line I can get is ADSL2+.

  13. hi i have porblem with my sony a7s ii wich its each time i delet the videos it rename the new videos with same old name ,thats whats make it mixds in final cut , can you help me ?

  14. "Thumbs Up" on the T7i tip! After watching many of your videos, that is the choice I made, I bought a new T7i with a variety extra used lenses through Amazon and testing them out around the farm & field streams has proven that, indeed, Tony & Chelsea give sound advice!. We are taking our first extended trip north to the glacial lakes of northern South Dakota this weekend where wildlife is abundant, both in nature and around the campfire.

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