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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Portraits – Break a Rule! Portfolio Reviews & the Latest Photo News

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  1. Hello Tony – I love your videos !!!! I am new to photography and I recently bought a canon 70d. I watched this video and wanted to ask whats the program you using to edit the photos ?

  2. It's funny to see your faces when you say GUACAMOLE…I am from Spain, I live in a town named Fuengirola…Say three times quicky Fuengirola!!!..Can you?? Hahahahaha…;)

  3. What, no "Stop it!!!!!!" C'mon, that's my favourite part of the show now. You teased me with it a couple of weeks ago and then pulled the rug out from under me. You've sold out, it's more about the photos and news and reviews these days. Digital heathens. 35mm film is my memory card maaaaaaan! filmisnotdead 🙂
    (Good show btw) 😀

  4. Hi Tony, I have been following you for a very long time, and I am a big fan of yours. Over the years, I have build trust on your recommendations, and now I sort of blindly trust what you say. Chelsea and you rock! Need your help: my canon 70-200 lens at 200/2.8 doesn't give me sharp images, I remember you saying it has become 'an industrial standard for portraiture' – I am not sure what I am doing wrong or how/if other people are able to get sharper images. Can you please help?

  5. Hey Tony and Chelsea..I recently found your channel while searching to buy my first camera. You guys do an amazing job and you truly give a lot of effort in your videos! I would like to ask if you have any camera recommendations for makeup photography(makeup looks/swatches). Do you think that lenses/cameras that are good for portraits will serve as good for that purpose? Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Tony and Chelsea, I bought the book ¨Buying Guide¨ over one year ago, I was wondering if I can get the update of the book, or do I have to buy it again?

    By the way, you guys are really awesome, I love the work you all do on Photography

    Thank you

  7. 38.20. "It´s rough when you shoot 4K. (close ups)" My guess is that you refer to all the detail that will be shown in the skin. Try a lense that is a bit softer, shoot it wide open, add a low-contrast filter 1/16 or a Black/pro mist 1/16 so you smooth out that skin a little bit. Careful on the promist tho, easily goes cheesy quick 😀

  8. It would have been better if you explained how some pictures break the rules… For people who are not familiar with these rules yet. Also I would love to watch more content about composition …

  9. I love the picture of the little girl too, but it's a shame it looked so smudged… I don't know why. Perhaps it was intentional to do like noise-reduction or a face-filter on a young person who doesn't need it or something. Like just very intentionally doing something unnecessary, I don't know. But it would've been nice to see the real appearance. Perhaps she had nice freckles or whatever the case…
    As for the crop; I like how it is, but just a little could've been taken off the left space, like just cut off the end of her elbow or something and it would've been slightly neater. But still keep it wide like that, which really works.

  10. 32:26 Love this shot, but this is a good example of what the "problem" is with digital; It's too glassy clear and sharp. – Add noise and/or some blur to remove that sterile look. – You might love it, but I think it gives this kind of… what should I say, like a little "stock", even though this has beautiful composition, posing, lighting, and so on. – And to be fair; It only becomes apparent more up close (that it's that sharp).

  11. Not that many people will see this, but speaking of "cropping into the head", and the comment of it being used in motion pictures; I really hate when they get so up-close in the really wide aspect-ratios. As in, they'll cut off right across the forehead and just below the mouth. It's like "Woah, back off a little.", especially if you have a really large screen. – I get it on occasion, but they even do it with regular conversations and such, it's just way too extreme. – I think it's a little less these days, but there was a while between like 2000 and 2010 or so, where they would have this habit of getting in so tightly that it's just overwhelming… Someone's face… Overwhelming or imposing… Unnecessary.

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