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Tony & Chelsea LIVE! Photography Horror Stories, Instant Photo Reviews, and Q&A

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  1. Gj peoples , this is first stream I seen. I like the fact you guys are 2 totally diff characters… as much as you might think It gets awkward somtimes in the fear n trembling It makes It real for me tbh so thxs :)…. oh yah good advice also. I'm a bigtime n00b to this but learning alot….. I do have a Q: what ya think of back focusing and could ya ever cross over If not doing? .. I tried n couldn't lol

  2. Hi Tony and Chelsea, lovely show with a cool amount of geekyness, info, stories. I think the Dutch courage helped the show a lot too!
    About your next trip to Amsterdam, how much time do you have, what kind of things are you interested in apart from the culture and food?
    Rijksmuseum and the Maritime museum come to mind. Since the Netherlands is rather small, why not venture a bit outside Amsterdam? Would you like to see the clichés? Or would you like to explore the more authentic places?
    Nearly everyone speaks English here, and the streets are filled with English bill-boards, in other words The Netherlands has adopted a lot of Holywood. But what I like is the small scale, the organic streetplans and brickwork houses, the water, and the Dutch light (made famous by the 17th century Dutch master painters, due to the water in the air in combination with lower sun and water rich landscapes.) Maybe it could be a nice project to seek out some of those paintings and visit those locations in real life? For instance Carel Willink used many houses in Amsterdam in his work. Ruisdahl, Jan Steen, Vermeer, Messdag are some other famous painters.

    If you haven't found any other help, I can help you organise your days.
    Enjoy your planning, and the Dutch courage 🙂

  3. Release forms are killing photography. It makes photography sites full of landscapes, macros of insects & flowers, boring human models posing & extremely airbrushed (the ones that signed a release). Willem Klein would be imposible these days…

  4. I was holding a glass of ovaltine when I took my popcorn out of the microwave to watch this video. I went to shake the popcorn and accidentally shook my cup of ovaltine. I was feeling pretty ridiculous until 5 seconds later when Tony shook the Margatini out of the shaker, so thank you for that.

  5. For the a6000 a good portrait lens is the sigma 60mm 2.8 or if you don't mind manual focus the Rokinon 85mm 1.4. I am excited for the Carl zeiss 50mm 2.8 macro. Great video I never miss a video and thank you for help me get started with photography.

  6. Great couple communication. I wish my husband can talk to me like that. But anyway great video! I am not a photographer just wishing I will be one day 😉

  7. I really enjoy your videos, but the new background is way too contrived and distracting.  There's just too much going on.  Textures are important in graphic arts and the faux brick is well – faux brick.

  8. Hi from Australia 🙂
    I'm a new photographer and have found my passion and love everything about this journey from the endless learning from you guys and others on the tube. I've just obtained your brook and paperback of Stunning Digital Photography – it's awesome.
    It is probably too early but if you would like to view my Squarespace (also love it) website on http://www.liveontheedgephotography.com – it would be awesome.

  9. Tony you need to learn abut tequilas not that crap that is the most cheap tequila. Try the Don Julio anejo 1942 that is a good tequila. Have a reive abut that

  10. I once went to an event that I wanted to photograph only to find when I got there I had forgot to put the battery back in after recharging! I think it was the only time I have taken a spare battery. I did not have enough time to return home. The only photography store in the area that might had a EN-EL18a was closed on Sunday. Total disaster!

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