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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Photog Gift Ideas, News, Booze & INSTANT Street Photography Reviews

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  1. Hey I'm interested in the "Stay Focused" men's t-shirt but it's only available in larger sizes. Will you be stocking sizes small and/or medium any time soon. Also, what is the difference between "xl" and "XL"?

  2.  I love the show guys! However, I need to comment on the word Drone. For some reason people in the film world (yes I am generalizing) keep calling these things drones. Drones by definition are military aircraft that not only perform surveillance but drop ordinance. "Drone" is a word that strikes fear in the uninitiated and causes people to start regulating things that do not need to be regulated. I have been into R/C for 30 years now and to the best of my knowledge these are and have always been called QUADCOPTERS. R/C pilots have been flying them with cameras for years. It's nothing new. Only until recently when people have started calling them vehicles of terror have regulations come to the fore front. So please stop calling them drones. Thanks…. 

  3. Dear,
    Tony and Chelsea, I have really benefited from your channel, SDP and buying guide while making a jump from compact digital to DSLR. Thanks a lot. Word of advice, looks do not determine the sound of the headphone/earphone/IEM. Mezo 11 do not sound nearly as good for the price as the VSonic VSD3S, HiFiMan RE300/400 & Monoprice 8320 do. You guys should look into Ocharaku Flat 4 Kuro, Nami or Dita Audio Answer for earphones to rediscover sound along with a Calyx M or Astell & Kern AK 100/120/240 player. 

    Keep up the good work. 

  4. ISO? Iso? I.S.O ?!
    Note that ISO is not an acronym for: International Standards Organization, no such organization exists, but the abbreviated title for International Organization for Standardization.  Abbreviated title is not the same as abbreviation composed of initial letters of the title; If it were an abbreviation, it would have been I.O.S. and not ISO.
    http://www.iso.org/iso/home/about.htm inclues the following: "It's all in the name – Because 'International Organization for Standardization' would have different acronyms in different languages (IOS in English, OIN in French for Organisation internationale de normalisation), our founders decided to give it the short form ISO. ISO is derived from the Greek isos, meaning equal. Whatever the country, whatever the language, we are always ISO."  
    One would say "isotope" and not "I.S.O.-tope", "isomer" and not "I.S.O.-mer", etc. Why should one pronounce the abbreviated title as I.S.O., where it is the same iso from the Greek isos meaning equal as in isotope and isomer?
    Why ISO and not iso?  ISO is used as in "ISO 5800: 1987 – Photography — Colour negative films for still photography — Determination of ISO speed."; iso 5800 does not look that bad to me, but it must have looked offensive to the drafting committee.

  5. In the street photography review today I found it interesting that some of the photos (at least to my eye) focussed on a colour. You may recall the guy sitting on the pile of crates with a cup of coffee and a cigarette? Well I think the photographer may have been picking out the fact that the whole scene was dull in colour apart from the red crate he was sitting on which matched the red colour of the Coca Cola sign above his head. See 14:08 into the video. Similarly the guy with the guitar in 29:09 – did the photographer choose the moment when the primary colours were the guitar and the orange T-shirt walking by? Probably not, but it's a similar effect with the colour of the guitar and that shirt having the most weight. Whilst your book has made me think again about black & white, I sometimes wonder if we're too quick to jump to trying that and so miss out on some other aspects. Normally I don't like B&W because we live in a wonderful world of colour, some animals can't see colour, and so I never saw the point of B&W; however your book has taught me about bringing out texture, and about toning down distracting backgrounds and so I'm thinking about B&W again now. Finally, Chelsea, I read before about that camera that lets you slice through the focal planes of your photo afterwards and choose where to focus (lytro – 06:18 into the video) – I could never afford one but I'd love to see you review it if you can get your hands on one. Most people I know are blissfully unaware of such technology and they could boost sales and interest if you were able to review it.

  6. I love your videos and just got the book. I don't want to be disrespectful but Chelsea, your look is so striking. Thanks for making all these amazing videos. Your videos inspired me to become a professional photographer. 

  7. 45:09 minute mark
    Viewer Question was what does Tony think best street (photography) camera and lens is? 
    Tony's Answer…"street photography is not about image quality…smartphone is one of the best things to use" 
    TIP O' THE HAT TO CHELSEA! for the voice of reason

    Cue the Fuji X100T

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