Home Photography Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Light Painting, Nikon D500, 200-500, Sigma MC-11

Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Light Painting, Nikon D500, 200-500, Sigma MC-11

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  1. About the MC-11 Adapter, I believe Sigma never claimed it would actually support Canon lenses, but Canon mount Sigma lenses only – I could be wrong, but I do remember seeing a list of compatible lenses. Could that be the reason for the poor performance?

  2. D500 best camera of the year? Nah, A6300 trumps it in every way except buffer size and rolling shutter…. I used the D500 for an hour and wasn't impressed at all. Granted Sony's got some issues, but best bang for buck…. A6300…. unless another camera body comes out this year I personally think the A6300 will be the biggest camera of the year…I have yet to have mine over heat and have shot with vmount for over 2 hrs. Personally I think it's just Sony's QA is terrible because some A6300s overheat, some don't.

  3. 35:09 The sparkler one is mine, It's actually sparklers taped to nun-chucks and I had my buddy balancing on a rooftop doing it haha, i'm pretty sure it wasn't a very long shutter for the sake of not over exposing the sky :).

  4. I played my own drinking game tonight while watching the the YouTube video. One shot of CC every time Tony said "cool" …now I can't find my bed. At one point I got behind three shots.

  5. He is definitely a lion. Velociraptors don't have the fan behind their head. Besides, the orange should have given it away. Lion's mane! I think Tony was thinking of a dilophosaurus, the one from the first Jurassic Park. =)

  6. Really looking forward to your review of the D500, including the video mode, as i plan to get one as a secondary body which i could use for wildlife.

    When do you think this will be out?

  7. You guys are fantastic! I have so much fun watching your shows, Picture This podcasts, reviews, etc. I was holding my laughs at work because of your comments about the fire rope picture. Great show as usual. Keep it up! Cheers

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