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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Landscape Reviews, Canon, Fuji & Olympus News

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  1. I disagee with the notion of every image having to make use of the full histogram (i.e. requiring something white in it). For example the shot at 22:00 looks great the way it is. When you increase the white level it loses that dark and broody mood that makes the shot so appealing.

    With a radio trigger the maximum shutter speed with the Yongnuo 560 is 1/250th. At 1/320th you already get banding, because the shutter is already closing when the flash is still emitting light. No high speed synch possible.

  2. You didn't get to go over my photo at 1:14:31, but I heard you say "beautiful shot" in the background Tony and that made my day. Thank you! ^_^ 

    Besides, that gorgeous photo after mine of the aurora borealis was quite stunning.

  3. Chelsea was in fine form today! I love her cracking herself up with her chess board image. Love how she handles the negative input so lightheartedly and pokes right back. I feel she is effected by some of it but wont give them the pleasure of showing it. You two produce my favorite photography show out there. I listen to several all day during work. Your show is very informative while at the same time showing personality and humor.

  4. You can get paid for your shots using a fish-eye lens when you are shooting skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMXers. Its one of the classic lenses in that genre/industry. Almost a must have (necessary but not sufficient) if you shoot those sports.

  5. "It makes me think of "Lost" . . . which in turn makes me angry." That made me smile and then it made me remember, which in turn, made me angry too! On the other hand, if an image evokes a strong emotion . . .

  6. There are more Aurora lights at the poles because of the Van Allen Radiation belts which protect the Earth from the solar flares. The belts are donut shaped and so they are thinner at the poles allowing more radiation to reach the Earth's Ionosphere and create the lights.
    great show!

  7. As you looked curious, the picture shown at 25:11 seems to be taken on Madeira Island, Portugal, more specifically, Caldeirão Verde, showing the native Laurel Forest. The picture were you removed the boats seems to be in continental Portugal, Algarve. Thank you for the great channel:). You should come visit us on the island, amazing for landscape photography and several bird species (many being endemic) as well as all kind of dolphins/whales and the endangered monk seals among many others!

  8. Those Olympus lenses are so slow. Micro Four Thirds (esp. Olympus) really needs to up it's game lens wise, with faster sharp lenses (f1 max) so we can shoot at lower ISOs and retain image quality. Not all of us want to settle for 8X10 prints.

    The only option now is the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm f1.2. The Voigtlander f0.95 primes are a welcome addition, despite being manual focus only.

  9. hey guys what do you think of the Fuji fine-pix S9900W can it do landscape and portrait picture and are UV filters good for this camera i really don't see much info about this camera i just brought it I'm tying this as a hobby

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