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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Instant Reviews of Your Architecture Photos, Photo News, Portfolio Reviews!

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TL;DW? Read the recap here http://northrup.photo/live-show-recap-architecture-photos/ SUBSCRIBE and like http://fb.com/NorthrupPhotography Buy the #1 …


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  1. I also want a spot in the show. 😀 ;p – So here some german letters and the 'translation':
    ß == ss ; ä == ae ; ö == oe ; ü == ue
    So, Jürgen Riß == Juergen Riss
    George 🙂

  2. Oh, and my just turned 9yr old usually watches the recorded show with me. He wanted to submit an architecture photo, but the show's on during school hours and we can only submit live. Lucky for me he missed viewing this one – I didn't have to explain genital symbolism to him, although I'm sure he knows all about it

  3. Hey, love the videos but the banners constantly flying across the screen get pretty distracting, I keep going to click to close them like those annoying youtube ads… I would love it if you could scale them down by like 30%

  4. this is PERFECT! I do corporate photo documentation for construction and architecture company's and I love how your touching upon this area lightly. However, I really wish you could do a short video on actual 'photo documentation on construction site' in terms of 'progression photos' and 'as-built' photos. Any possible tips you may have on how to get better photos in low light, with TONS of shiny objects potentially ruining your shot would help. It's EXTREMELY challenging to get professional photos in that type of environment and NO ONE covers it even though it's a multi-BILLION dollar a year business. Love you guys~!

  5. For a great microphone if wanted to be easy to use it is a H2n Zoom with a small tripod. can focus just to middle leaving surrounds off like keyboard and mouse clicks and gives best natural sound. Or then get something that TheCameraStoreTV guys uses.

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