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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Instant Macro Photo & Portfolio Reviews, Photo News

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  1. Based on the owl tattoos they would want you at the white house, considering they all visit Bohemian Grove in which they bow to a huge owl in occult rituals with robes on. I'm sure they'll welcome you!

  2. Hi guys, you say you can only submit photos live, but New Zealanders are at work when your show is on and are too busy to participate. So Tony, Chelsea – why do you hate New Zealand and its people?

  3. A comment I made during the show (that Siobhan didn't think worth mentioning) is that there should be a way of adding some info to images submitted by sdp.io/submit. Otherwise T&C don't know who submitted it (unless it's watermarked), and they don't know what the backstory of the image is. All they know is the exif info (if available). That will probably not even be available on next week's "composites" show.

    I just prepared a submission for next week by taking my comp image, "cutting" the image, resampling to increase size by 10%, then pasting the image back in and then I've got a border where I can add a bit of text "who it's by and what/why/how the image is what it is". As it's a composite, I even included thumbnails down the side of each of the 12 images used to make up the comp. They can quickly crop all that out to see the true image, but it's there as info rather than asking "who sent this in, what is it meant to be, why or how did they do that, etc".

  4. This is the smoothest live show so far! What have you done? No stutter, no audio clitches, … you really nailed it. Thanks for the show I really enjoyed it! Thank you!

  5. Hi Tony, I was wondering at what distances you find one to one crops start blurring on super telephoto lenses (750mm+ ish) and if teleconverters help compensate for that or the details are just too fine and are lost to the atmosphere.

  6. macro technique: for now i'm using a 90mm macro lens with B+W 4 and 5 diopter macro filters. I covet a set of rails, but all the ones i can afford have reviews that say things like, "this is a cheap piece of junk that fell apart the first time i used it" or "the adjusting screws don't turn" or "I can't securely hold anything heavier than 6 oz." and or other similar fun stuff.

    is echinacea and purple cone flower the same thing?

    same pic: i know people love to shoot flowers in their natural environment, but if you want to be able to shoot at ISO 100 sometimes (often, even) that is not practical. there is almost always some amount of breeze making outside flowers sway and you often need to shoot at sports photography speeds to freeze your chosen blooms movement. flash may help, especially a ring flash, but it might instead cast their own ugly shadows. and low end ring flashes may not be powerful enough to freeze action (or to counter harsh shadows from the sun).

    all these ridiculously good insect macros have inspired me. no more youtube for today. i must go out and find some bees and some wild bergamot to photograph

  7. WTG – always one of my weekly favorites <3   Tony, while I was initially only luke-warm to see the D900 review (assuming emphasis would be on photography) I'd LOVE to see an in-depth review of its video capabilities.  While I'm still a 5DM3 guy for photos, I often find my Panasonic Lumix FZ100 is my walking around go-to camera for simple 1080P video work.  With reasonable light (ISO up to 400), having a super-light  and compact"2.8" image-stabilized lens up to 600mm is a biggie for run-and-gun shooting outdoors… and yes, it DOES slip in a large pocket when going to concerts 😉

  8. Must say, the show seems to be much better when all you guys are in the same room!

    I actually know a colour blind photographer, he even runs his own studio. Seems to manage ok, but I think he gets his wife to proof his photos before he exports them.

  9. Hi T&C can you tell me how to get the best out of my Pentax KS-1 I have just purchased. It came with the standard cheap lens as packaged but I want to know what lens to get for it, I use it for video too 1080p 30fps max. Often at night I get noise with red dots and the video footage is terrible but in the daytime its ok. I tried different ISO settings when recording at night but its the same poor result.

  10. Hey Tony(Chelsea husband) and Chelsea (the star of the show!) I was wondering do you have your clients sigh contracts? If so do you think you could make a video on what you need and what not in a contract? It would be really cool if you made a video on the topic!

  11. Enjoyed the show.  Just one point regarding macro photography; a lot of people take images of insects for archive and documentation purposes.  Therefore, making sure the image is sharp and brightness set correctly is fine.  However, changing colours/contrast/editing out elements is not.  I think this point should have been mentioned in your presentation.

  12. if you ever get tired of @ChelseaNorthru and its lack of "P," you can always be @CasualWasp or @PhallicSap or @BeetleGotBACK @ShadowRaiser(this could also be your Warlock name should you pick up World of Warcraft… just sayin…) or @BenjaminButtonsWife or @ItsNottaTuba or @WifeOfCrop… hehehe

  13. @Tony Northrup It is FALSE you have to use all AF points with adapted lenses. I asked on amazon and I got this response from Sony: Sony Support USA answered:
    "Hi, Yes. If the adapter and lens supports auto focus then this camera will be capable of Center Point auto focus. -Anthony"

  14. but it can also do a review for Canon 1DX, although already old pear on youtube lacks a comprehensive review as you can do it yourself with all the details for me are the best that you can do this job perfectly explains things full attention thanks tony hope that takes into account my request for CANON 1DX

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