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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: High Contrast Photography, Manfrotto BeFree, 13" Everyday Messenger

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  1. Well, I do not get the point of this channel anymore. 2 people sitting bored as wannabe masters of photography. Clicking through pictures and pushing around random sliders in LR while being so bored to need a booze to sit there. You earned my unsubscription.

  2. I was about to buy the ebook version of Stunning D.F. on Amazon. There, we have the option to see like a sample before buying it. But for some reason the image quality of every picture in the sample ebook was really low. Everything else was just fine (including the audio of the videos). I have an iPad and were using kindle app. Is it normal sample ebooks to have low quality images? And is it only for the sample? Are the images of the actual full ebook fine? Did anyone here buy that version? Just wanted to make sure before buying it. Thanks!

  3. chelsea, you're more beautiful and funny as ever. Tony, looking good guy, very interesting and so well composed with Chelsea you make a great and interesting couple and a fantastic show.

  4. I am looking to buy the tamron 24-70mm 2.8 for a canon. When I look the lens up on google there is three locations that sells the lens for around $800. Then everywhere else has the lens listed for almost $1300. Do you know why there is such a big difference, they both seem the same to me? Is it safe to get the $800 one?

  5. Cant watch anymore. Believe it or not, there isn't always a perfect white and black point in nature, and sometimes, thats on purpose in the composition.

  6. Is there any way to submit outside of the live show? I want landscape critique and I took a photo for this week but I don't think I can catch it live because of the time difference with Asia. I will try…

  7. Chelsea

    I agree with your assessment of photography backpacks, which is why I went with Fstop inserts and a Kelty Redwing backpack. I like the Fstop inserts as they give you plenty of dividers so you can easily mix and match your particular camera system and lenses.


  8. I like Chelsea on tekillya. Anyway I scored a Lowepro x450 prorunner at B&H on the deal of the day… for $150. Yep a $369 bag for $150. Its the old version but its awesome… its big but has wheels and a nice T handle for pulling it.. it also has backpack straps with waist belt and a carry handle on top and on the side. I can fit all my lenses and my main body in it along with 2 flash units and ttl triggers. Its alittle bit bulky but its nice to have all your gear handy. I also have a Lowepro sling bag which has been an awesome bag but I was outgrowing it. So on certain walk around shoots I will stick just a couple lenses in my old bag and shoulder it…. on photo shoots … like location shoots I will use my new pro runner.

  9. Have either of you looked at the Lowepro SlingShot? I find it as a good intermediary between a backpack and a messenger bag for shooting. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  10. Twitter is dying because they are siding with dogmatic social justice people that the majority of their user base disagrees with on social issues. Twitter is becoming unbearable for people to use. they are shooting themselves in the feet repeatedly and so many of their users are just abandoning the site

  11. Tony, Tony, Tony
    What happened to the befree review ? Would you recomend the carbon version over the alu ? Is it worth the premium ?
    Btw. Chelsea you are so adorable, Tony you are such a lucky man,…
    High fiveing a million angles, omg I love her.

  12. Ben Brown is my favorite youtuber he is awesome thats cool that he endorses my OTHER favorite youtubers ๐Ÿ˜› awesome episode as usual guys. Chelsea makes me laugh so hard every episode, hilarious.

  13. I came to this video because it came up when I searched for the Everyday Messenger 13 and it was barely mentioned and I ended up watching the whole thing anyway. Had no idea Chelsea could be this entertaining. I'm gonna watch another episode and if it's this good again I think I'll be watching many more. Nifty!

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