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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Food Photography & Portfolio Instant Reviews, Photo News

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TL;DW? Read the recap here: http://northrup.photo/live-show-recap-food-photography-2/ SUBSCRIBE and like http://fb.com/NorthrupPhotography Buy the #1 …


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  1. No logo "tutorial" please, it'll make you guys look extremely unprofessional. The whole self-branding thing is like telling your niece who just got her first T5i to shoot your wedding for you, or " Imma just shoot the portraits on my iPhone, who needs to hire you anyways?" (Just to make it understandable from your point of view), that's exactly how that feels.
    I know, this could be interpreted as a "let people do whatever they want" matter, but unfortunately it's became so much more than that at a much larger scale than you imagine that it's sad. So please, don't feed that.

  2. Tony, The D4(s) is appealing to more than just sports shooters. I use one for wildlife. I find the ISO performance, FPS and huge buffer outweighs the trade offs for either more pixels or DX sensor.

  3. I'm noticing subtle ameliorations in the production value that make me think one of these two things happened:
    – SquareSpace is finally making it rain on T&C;
    – Christopher Nolan has been hired to assist Justin.

  4. About the Pic @ around 30:20 min

    Sorry if it came across as a bit creepy. Can see in retrospect how it might… Guess once I had the Idea I did not stop and think much further and just did it.
    Just thought… after looking at so much food you might get hungry… and may have a difficult time on agreeing what to eat… (And though-bubbles are really cheesy).

    Anyways… was a quick job.

    But thanks for another great show and happy holidays.

  5. YES!!! I got a pick from Tony!!! I….HAVE….MADE….IT! You liked my Gingerbread Man. I'm stoked now. Never done food photography before so it's cool that your show has inspired me to try new stuff. Great show, just a shame i had to go to bed early and miss most of the live show. Great show again guys 🙂

  6. Chelsea had mentioned something about she wanted the food to look hot, there used to be a product back in the late 70's that was liquid and you would brush it on the subject and it would make it look like steam was coming from it. Just don't spill it in your studio or the room will fill with smoke. LOL Looking at all these food pics made me hungry.

  7. My food photo of the lemon splashing into a glass of water was on the screen for almost 10 minutes!!!! and you never said a word on it or acknowledged it :-)….UNSUBSCRIBE!!!

  8. i want suggestion from you sir,

    i am going to buy Nikon D5500 in january 2016 is it good choice or should i wait for D5500 successor's if any..

    please guide me

    Budget around $850 – $870 max

  9. Those anyone recommend to buy a light-meter? Is wort the money? or the next two options to buy extra flash or the canon 16-35mm F/ 4L thanks to everyone who respond!

  10. I wouldn't use Photoshop for a logo, I would use Illustrator, and produce a vector graphic, which can then be used for many things, such as websites, flyers and watermarks, with no pixelation or loss in quality.

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