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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Dog Photos with Erkki Alvenmod, Portfolio Reviews, Photo News!

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  1. I love this! Unless I'm missing something, you should do more of these! I love watching you guys in the editing process in Light room or photoshop, not just out in the field but the after process is so fun to watch.

  2. This was the best live show so far for me. Technical answers, funny conversations, and deep meaning towards the end lol. Probably the alcohol towards the end. :]

  3. that was an epic show! That was the first time i've been able to catch the show live, and you read out my question (and answered it) so thumbs up from me! 🙂 You need to get Erkki on more often, he's brilliant.

  4. Is the monitor behind you a little brighter than your pc monitor? Coz, when you guys raise the exposure, it looks over exposed on the screen behind you but then it looks fine when you cut to your pc display. Good show overall.

  5. About the tablet question: If you ahve money, buy a cintiq 22 HD, has a GREAT image and its a big fat ass tablet, that you draw on the screen, which is perfect, does both jobs and the quality is so freaking good. 🙂

  6. You're terrific at providing technical info about photos and gear, which helps people to dispel a lot of common misinformation. However, I noticed that many photographs made by both contemporary and modern masters, have a good balance of breaking the technical rules and focus more on producing beautiful content in their images. How about a show that focuses on moving beyond the basics, and provide some tips to help folks make photos in the fine art category?

  7. that's my dog Joto, the white dog on the left playing with a brown dog, on right. I was amazed when I found it later in my Canon Rebel T3i DSLR. I'm now shooting Sony a7R ii. Thank you for all your help during these past two years.

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