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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Abandoned

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  1. The picture of the bicycle was definitely taken in Japan and it is very common to find abandoned bikes like that because to dump it in the garbage you have to pay, so many people just leave the bike somewhere. The funny thing about this is that if you need a bike and don't have the money to buy a new one and just take an abandoned one, the police may think you actually stole the bike.

  2. seen the first few photos and there was no relation to the theme. so why use the title of the video? if you title somethig then you should stream relevant content. in general i love what the team do. but felt first few pix had nothing to do with title so never watched the rest of it

  3. I really admire how you take an open approach to the topic and allow the pictures that maybe only qualify on a technicality. I'm being totally serious here. Art is interpretation, art assignments doubly so.

  4. A question I have is: How do you deal with people writing, how shall I put this: “politically
    charged comments” on your videos? Especially when you (as the content creator)
    try to be/stay politically neutral?

  5. 11:36 the place is a giant abandoned hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, we call it "Hospital Matarazzo", but the real name is "Hospital e Maternidade Umberto I" is a creepy place, there are remains of the hospital in the building, as hospital beds…

  6. The one with the trees in the boat I think the background should've been out of focus. And this was clearly a long exposure, which it didn't need cause it became too bright. – I think this was a case of trying to be too all-inclusive. That is, everything sharp, everything well lit, everything shiny, which all just makes it lack contrast and separation. – Otherwise a nice image, but too much of everything. It's too striking, but in a way that it's a slap in the eyes.

  7. I have been so geeking on your channel and you two are a wonderful couple and very very not boring – thank you for the amazing information and for helping the noobs like me to learn🌷

  8. Love all of your content. Its super helpful as I'm just starting to get into photography and purchased my first dslr camera. Upgrading from phone picks. Had to sub finally..what made me do it was not only how great the content is but Chelsea is the funniest ever. Especially when she shouts out Wu tang from the tagged building. Lol I need to get wasted with you guys and chill and talk photography

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