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TOUR + NEW Single! : http://www.angelsandairwaves.com – See you there! NEW Lightroom PRESET PACK: https://goo.gl/1CfEKF The Music I use: …


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  1. One of my favorite videos you have done yet only because you are living your dream! I am heading to Nairobi Kenya end of this year for a month hope to bring my drones, and defidently my Lumix working my way up I promise! I have learned so much from watching your videos on premier pro and filming! keep up the amazing content! You are one of the few people I regularly watch

  2. Nice one Pete, congrats on the gig. Your wife must be one hell of a woman to let you go on tour with the band for six months (and that doesn’t even take into account the post production work that’ll be necessary!).
    I have to admit to some ignorance, as well as being a lot older than you, but I can’t say that I even know who this band is! That doesn’t change the fact that, like the rest of your 3.6million subscribers (doesn’t seem that long since you were looking to top a few thousand!) I’m enormously stoked for you and the project.

    Based on what I’ve seen you do I reckon the band, as well as their fans, your fans and anyone else with a pulse will be mightily impressed with what you come up with – the “McKinnon Touch” having its own magic that tints all you do.

    So then, not much pressure, eh? Now I’d best go have a listen to the band – any album or track recommendations?

    Good luck there Pete, here’s to seeing the final product/project/film/documentary. Hope it’s out in time for me to see it.

  3. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this is it man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! getting thomas delonge to talk on pete's vlog………… love it man.. i always find some connection between the band n pete's room background with AVA logo…. atlast cant wait 4 da video …. peace out..

  4. Blink happened to be the catalyst behind my 2nd fangirl experience followed closely by Weezer I’m 3rd! My first?! No Doubt with their The Return of Saturn release. All three are still in heavy rotation to this day!

  5. No lie I legitimately let out a bit of a yell over this. I don't know why I missed the preview for your project but that one fell through the crack. I'm so excited to see more of the project and I am so happy to hear them again. You guys are going to rock it!

  6. Holy shit, I just subscribed to the channel because I really enjoyed your content then find out you're an AVA fan. I thought "oh this is neat. Now I like this guy for sure." Then a few days later, I find out you're filming an AVA documentary!!! I'm so stoked!

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