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Lightroom PRESET PACKS: https://goo.gl/1CfEKF The Music I use in All my videos: https://bit.ly/2KJwcVG – AMAZING for YouTubers! Color Graded with my PM …


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  1. Peter, my fellow Canadian! 🇨🇦 I know you don't know me, but I want you to know that you do inspire me (I'm just starting out). "When I grow up" (I just turned 50), I want to do what you are doing. Your journey is so inspiring! Your work is amazing! ❤Thank you for everything and congrats on your 5 Million!🎆🎇✨😊👍

  2. I’m not crying…YOU ARE. This is such a powerful reminder that we can all live out our dreams even while pursuing our loved ones. That they are a catalyst, not a hindrance. Best video yet Peter.

  3. Your work is incredible you are the favorite filmaker and photographer on YouTube you are doing so much for all of us. I started 4 years ago to follow you, then I've watched all your videos until today, including CAMERA BASICS, and now, thanks to you, I'm starting my photography career

  4. This was so good I had to watch it again! Very emotional and empowering. Brother… Keep up the amazing work and inspiring so many new and experienced creators to just keep going and building that dream we all love and want to achieve. It takes people like you who are humble and full of life to tell your story and share your experience with all of us who want to continue to grow and proceed further in something that generally makes us happy. Thank you for all you do Pete. Would be an honor to work alongside you one day! Hopefully you see this comment because you sir have, always, and will continue to inspire me each and every single day! I'll toast to Chapter 2.

  5. So much heart. When you zoomed in on your wife, I honestly felt my heart swell. Congratulations to both of you. Even though we don’t see much of her, she is definitely a part of your success. Now, if she would just start a cooking vlog 😋.

  6. Literally words cannot describe how much impact just these 4 minutes had.. The videos you make literally change lives (like mine) and will continue to do so for many more in the future. See you at 10M!!

  7. Thanks for so many years of incredible content, encountered your channel in 2015 while I lived in Mexico and it was, no, it is great you still are around. Seeing what you achieved in those years is incredible, i am really happy for you🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Wow this is amazing man and don’t stop jumping… Good blessings you and your beautiful family and when the coronavirus stop come to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and feel the beautiful of our people and our beautiful Caribbean paradise island 👋🎥👍

  9. Maaaan, I'm a huge fan since 2018 and this made me cry so hard… You encouraged me to start making videos, now, i'm 15yo and I've started working with a music producer making music videos. THANK YOU PETER, WE LOVE YOU <3

  10. over the years i've learned so much from this channel about filmmaking and editing, and feel like got to know you genuinely as a person. it has been so inspiring and amazing to witness your growth on this platform pete! onto 10M!!!

  11. Peter. I've been following you for the better part of 4 years now. You are the reason I take photography so seriously. You are the reason I laugh and smile when I turn on YouTube. Thank you for being YOU!

  12. Now that is why we Keep on coming back, you say we inspire you but I think you inspire a world to take the steps and become a better person, creator human. Cant wait to see what chapter 2 brings.

  13. Congrats on the milestone and it sure wouldn't be possible without the support of loved ones and viewers. Cheers to many more.
    Did I catch a glimpse of O'BAN? It's my favorite too.
    Much love from Vancouver

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