Home Photography This happens to me every year… Ughhh

This happens to me every year… Ughhh

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  1. I figured, you just have to buy something new. Any gear. Cheap to expensive. Because we're creators, we want new experiences. Can't help it. Cannot avoid it. More leds, more lenses, more grip/cage/tripod…. Any damn thing would help ease the pain.

  2. Maybe leave your live stream up until you make another one. That way if I miss it, I can still see it a bit later, BUT you can delete the old ones to not clutter your page. Does this makes sense?

  3. Matti, this is hands down my favorite video you have ever done. For me, my bottom line is whether or not my gear is slowing my learning process…the faster I learn the better I get. I can learn everything about slow motion at 60fps 720p, at this point I have so much to learn about story, editing…it's hard to avoid the marketing and pay to win idea, but spending money on travel and work less is teaching me so much more than a 1dx ever could.

  4. I think the most important thing to ask is "Why do I need a new camera" Is there something specific that you want or need to be doing that your current gear doesn't allow you to. I want to shoot my b roll in 1080p at 120 fps so I want a 1DX mk2, but I also want that painted artsy look for food photos that the 5D MK4 gives. My current gear does neither of those things so I need a new camera. But if your gear is meeting all of your needs and producing quality stuff then you probably want a new camera just because of the gear lust. The other thing is knowing how to use the gear. So many people buy the latest greatest camera because they think it is going to make them the next great film maker… they are usually very disappointed. Gear doesn't make a quality film. Story and composition can make your films more epic than any fancy camera and they are free!

  5. I had a tought about live streaming, that could you multiple formats at sametime, twitter, insta, fb and youtube. I already thinked about monster rig for it… what do you think would be good to stream same time for multiple platforms?

  6. I struggle with this in a different way. I have a old nikon d3100 it's video capabilities are extremely limited. I'd love to get into film making and shooting video, but I just don't have the motivation to do so because I know from the beginning that it doesn't really matter how much effort I put into it. It will never reach a good enough level for my satisfaction. So I don't even start with it in the first place. I actually bought a steady cam, but lost motivation doing something with it, because of exactly this reason.
    Does anybody have like the same problem or any tips??

  7. I too have that feeling also. I believe it's a combo of a lot of things. We love tech/cameras. So it's always exciting to have some new gear. It makes me think of Black Friday. You can have everything but still you want to see what's on sale or go shopping for items. You may not need.

  8. I have been having gear lust for the last two months. My wife and I had the same conversation on her channel Last Friday about YouTube or Twitch livestreams. I would love to hear what people are saying.

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with gear lust! The best way I've found to deal with it is reminding myself it's not the camera that makes the film great, it's what you do with it. And most cameras these days are capable of telling a story if you use them well!

  10. Yup, new camera in the works for me.. still shooting on an old Nikon D5000 moving up to Canon t7i was going to be this week, but, of course… as soon as you have the money saved… something happens… hot water heater just started leaking… Do I really need Hot water?

  11. I have found I can cure Gear Lust simply by mastering the camera I have. If I still see I need improvement in an area, I go back out with the same camera and lens and do it even better than before. I continue this process until the point I LITERALLY am gear bound. So far…. I have not found that in filmmaking.

    What I have learned is to use the camera's strenghs and it helps my creativity far more than worrying about needing a new camera.

  12. Just bought a Canon M100 for vlogging purpose 4 days ago, and at this moment of writing, I’m googling on the Canon M50, hahaha.. I only have two cameras, a 550D (still works awesome for me) and the M100.. Just created my YouTube channel this week and am now trying to make the best out of the two cameras I got! My question is, you already got the 1DX mark ii, what other cameras are you aiming for?

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