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The Ultimate Yorkshire Puddings | The Food Busker – in 2k

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  1. I much prefer the Food Tube video 'How to Make Yorkshire Puddings' Jamie Oliver- it has all the details that you need to actually make these Yorkshires.

  2. Well it is a good looking video, great editing. But I think I will turn to other youtubers than food tube if this becomes a thing for majority of the videos. Such as "stevescooking", great channel, check him out if you haven't.
    I hope they keep the style of older videos since i love Jamie, Gennaro etc. on FoodTube.

  3. Usually come here for the recipes, methodologies, and personalities. The overly artsy production on this was just way too much. Adding a few art shots to the beginning/end of the usual video format would be a better compliment.

  4. i made this and it taste good i really like it because it have really minimum ingredients. but i put to much oil lol. thank you^^ umm can i put vanila extract in it i didnt put it earlier lol

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