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The Ultimate Sharpening Method (using Photoshop)

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  1. I think it would be good to at least mention that there are several ways to sharpen photos in photoshop and lightroom, and note why you are using this method compared to the others.

  2. I also use "Overlay" for my Sports Car Pictures.
    For most of my pictures I then apply "Focus by Defocus", a unique photo processing that emphasize the main subject by defocusing with effects or blur distracting picture elements or people for the viewers' entertainment purposes.

  3. One of the best presentations I have seen.
    Great graphics and clarity.
    Helpful hints: Most viewers are new to Photoshop
    Enlarge your curser/pointer.
    Pause over the panel selections.
    Rabbit and turtle-speed isn’t always the answer.

  4. Very nice, Chelsea, absolutely wicked, short and sweet and straight to the point and most helpful. Sincerest apologies about the previous comment about gradient, didn't mean to sound unkind.

  5. wow….thanks so much for this tutorial. I had always struggled with noise while sharpening, and who knew using masks would help with cutting down on the noise. I have ordered your books and can't wait to learn all the hidden tools and tricks in Photoshop. Cheers.

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