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The TRUTH about the Panasonic S1 & S1R

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Panasonic S1: http://help.tc/s1 Panasonic S1R: http://help.tc/s1r Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 70-200mm f/4: http://help.tc/L70200 Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 50mm …


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  1. I agree with most here. I have watched almost every video you have created and this is one of the worst I recall. The straight up negativity rather than acknowledging it is a mixture of features not available on most cameras is strange. Then to publish it in horrible quality is even worse.

  2. this would all be good if Sigma wasnt already showing off their L mount Primes at NEC in London. They were also showing off the MC-21 EF- L Mount converter. This is by far the best full frame on the market. period.

  3. Tony, I really enjoy your reviews. I need to point out one issue that has slapped me full in the face after I purchased a Panasonic GH5 matched with your suggested Sigma EF mount 18-35 f/1.8 and 50-100 f/1.8 Art lenses and Metabones EF to MFT Speed Booster XL. First thing I noticed was that all of my images had a very notable vignette and I freaked out. After removing lens hoods and filter attachments, the vignette (on both lenses) still persisted. After a bit of research on Metabones website I discovered that they quite clearly state that the 0.64x XL speed booster is NOT compatible with APS-C formatted lenses and MFT sensors. They instead recommend the 0.71x ULTRA speed boosters for these lenses to accommodate the smaller sensor size and different flange distance. You may wish to update your information on this matter before other followers of your channel go out and make the same mistake that I did.

  4. I got to play with this ( the S1R) today and see some images also. I found it to be user friendly. The EVF is great! The grip is great! I need to rent one and shoot some birds and sports before I decide.

  5. Sigma lenses adapt to this camera and do not lose AF. It focuses well. …so there are fast lenses that are available to use with this. I found the focus to be accurate as well.

  6. I watch your video till the end. I am sure you have not tested S1 or S1r before you made this video. All the top features that Panasonic claimed become the rubbishes from your mouth. You should test before you made your conclusion. Otherwise you will never know why they are expensive. I am so disappointed about what you said in the video.

  7. Tony, Tony, you must find something else to do – you and photography are from different galaxies, buddy. You just does not belong to this industry – zero knowledge, zero understanding, zero real experience, zero feeling for it and plenty of bs is flooding from your channel.
    These two bodies from Panasonic are indeed the best mirrorless FF cameras ever announced (for everything else except sports and wildlife), but you simply didn't get it. And Panasonic deserves greatest respect for these – they seem to nail it from the first time. Add the fact that one can mount the outstanding Leica L-mount lenses on these and they'll work better than on Leica SL and you're getting the ultimate setup for stills. But you also didn't get this too. What you are missing and didn't get too is that the lack of PD sensors is a great thing for the IQ.
    Please, leave THIS industry – you'll be doing a great favor of humanity. Thanks.

  8. Tony – better data rates, dynamic range and detail will give you better video then the A7III………..why would you say nothing about the S1 will give you better video? Please do some research on this. The S1 and Z6 have better video quality then the A7III. Please be honest to people.

  9. I like your review, you gave me some insight in all the things that are missing or are just not correct in the marketing material of this camera but I still like it ^^

    I was lucky with the lenses as I got a Leica 24 – 90 f2.8 (fairly cheep).
    I really enjoy using it.
    Are you gone try this camera and give us a review ?

  10. I had the opportunity to attend the Launch of this S1 Camera. A great event it was, we had a Model to shoot at and lots of lenses. My impression was that Yes it creates amazing images.. however the camera Did miss focus of the model more times than my Fuji XT1.. (only 2 times I had to refocus with the Fuji). when I pointed it out the the technical assistance they said that I did not use the Auto Focus correctly! Lucky a few more said the same. Also the 50mm was Softer that a Nikon D850 50F1.8 .. hope they iron out these inconsistencies before production.

  11. I'm currently using the S1R rented from Lensrental, and I have to disagree with your general negativity toward this camera. It is a fine performer with many on the mark features. I respect your views generally but in this case I think you are under appreciating this camera. I'm using it with the 24-105 lens.

  12. Can you do a video about the automatic settings in variable frame rate mode on the S1? I purchased this camera and I'm more or less happy with it as a video shooter however this is infuriating and there is no information about why the camera does this or if they plan to enable manual exposure in this mode. I love the 180 frames per second but already the auto settings have ruined many shots for me.

  13. As a medium format film landscape photographer this camera exactly what I’m looking for. My issue is purely price, they should have priced it lower than all the competitors to get the l Mount in peoples hands.

  14. Man, i feel depressed. How can you talk so bad about this BEAST of a camera? Ok, the autofocus is not the best but totally usable.
    But the most important thing, the image quality, both video and stills are just amazing !!! Have you ever tested the camera?

    4K 10Bit 422 on FF? tell me another camera that does this.
    Also tell me a FF camera with full V-log and 4K 60p?
    Tell me another FF mirrorless that has IBIS as good as S1 has for handheld shots?

    Also please tell me another mirrorless FF that has the lowlight capabilities of the Lumix S1?
    Sigma lenses for L mount are now available for this system with afordable prices.

    No camera is perfect, it is just a tool but your review is just so biased.

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