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The Strobist, Cheap Cam Challenge (Season Finale Trailer)

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Like and Subscribe for the season finale feat. David Hobby aka “The Strobist”. Watch David take on the Pro Tog, Cheap Camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear …


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  1. Cheap gear challenge doesn't help anybody, it gives the pro stage to show off their skill, that's all. Enthusiast amateurs can figure out by themselves how to take great picture. And "the how to" entirely depends on their shooting condition. They can make it without cheap gear challenge guide. OTOH, normal people that don't really care about IQ of their photo and just keep snapping any photo obviously don't care about improving their photographic skill.

  2. What we truly need is video of pro using their true pro gear. This kind of vid will inspire other pro togs that watch to become more effective cameraman. Other channels provide such videos, but those vids are frequently done by photography teacher, not real pro tog. DRTV forces pro tog to use cheap gear just to show off and boost their own ego siiigggh –_–

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