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The SECRET To Becoming A Travel FILMMAKER

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  1. This may be the most inspiring video I've seen. I've always been obsessed with filmmaking, but now that I've been finally pursuing it professionally, I've definitely found that fear and a destination-mindset constantly get in the way. I also tend to think "I should have done this years ago" instead of thinking "I'm doing this now". Your advice is right in line with philosopher Alan Watts who says that a constant focus on the future is worthless if you can never enjoy the present.

  2. You damn right mate. The secret is to do something you love and to focus on the present moment. Being grateful for what you have and what you live will definitely enhance the feeling of wellbeing in those experiences. The success will come if you do what you love.

  3. Took me years to know what I wanted to do with my life, even when I was in elementary school I never knew when they asked what you wanted to be, I just lied and said something generic like a doctor or police officer, but as I grew older I loved recording memories, traveling and editing them on my computer and now that I know that, filmmaking is my destiny! What should my route be going into college for travel filmmaking, should i major in filmmaking?

  4. I have a full time job and I travel and edit over the weekends or whatever leaves I get. But looking at all the successful youtubers and influencers sometimes makes me feel very low because I don't see a lot of growth on my channel. However, listening to you today made me feel so much better because I should remember how I love making videos and that's what's most important. The end goal should be to be happy doing what you love. Thank you!

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