Home Photography THE SECRET FLOOR at 368! Part 2

THE SECRET FLOOR at 368! Part 2

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  1. @PeterMcKinnon I have a question. How do you adjust the exposure using a dial on your camera? 8:388:47 I only know to control the light that is coming into the camera while recording using an ND filter and ISO, but I think for ISO you will to press a button and then dial it up or down right? And what mode are you shooting it what settings do you usually keep your camera in while shooting a normal video or b-rolls? I understand the adjustment for photos but for videos they are so confusing. Could you make a video on this?

  2. Very cool video. Glad I found your channel. Great b-roll shots. Congrats on winning the race. I had an e-bike about 10 years ago. Just sold it for $80. It needed a battery. I subscribed to your channel, please please please recipricate as I need some help getting subscribers. Thanks Casey, Dan and 368 are very cool.

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