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The reason I never wanted to be a Youtuber

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  1. Matti, let me tell you that to me you are the most sympathetic and accessible "YouTube High-Flyer". If I were in Canada or the US, I'd love to come and see ya. But the way from Germany Is quite far. Let me know when you're in Finland. I'd fly over for a coffee. Or a tea. Or a beer. Do you have beer in Finland? My girlfriend's gonna kill me anyways. She's my financial advisor 😀

  2. Nice video, Matty. I filled out the survey, but you know what? I really wish you could read it and supply even one sentence of guidance, because I have busted my butt to learn a ton this past year, but I am stuck as to what my channel would/should be about. All my short movies I have up on the tube are experiments and I try to get better and better. But I never settled down and just started a focused channel. Thanks, Matty. All the best to you and yours!

  3. Awe…Such a great message! I wanted everything to be perfect, that's what stopped me from starting my channel. I realized that there is never a perfect time to start. You just have to start and learn as you go and not care about the opinions of others. I really enjoy watching you and Peter's channels. Always striving to improve every day. You're amazing and so talented!

  4. Doing youtube for 18 months now almost 100 videos out. Sometimes we go down because we don't reach the results that we think should be the right ones. My dream is to slowly reduce days at my regular job (I have already reduced one) but far from the liberty that I would love to have. Having a week that I've been asking me why I'm doing this sacrificing my days off and the time to be with my wife. Thank you, bro, for the video seems that you knew that I was feeling down with all this.. Your video gave me strengh to film few videos.. In 18 months this was the first week that i missed. So thank you so much bro.

  5. I've never wanted to make a youtube channel (as a creator)… I had my personal stuff on this channel but… now i have a feeling i want to reach to more pleople and create things… so… maybe one day…. we'll see 🙂

    anyway… filled the survey 🙂 and thank you for your work Matti 🙂

  6. Well, YOU actually have helped and keep helping. I just got my third gig filming (a very good one actually) So THANK YOU (and Peter) cause I've been watching your videos for awhile and learning

  7. I came here for video making and informations about gear and some real tests but now this guy is blogging and 95% of the video is just boring stuff I dont wanna know. Please go and make some changes. Nobody need another vlogger!!!

  8. Whether my survey gets seen or not, thank you everyone you help, you and Peter inspired me to start my own Instagram journey and I’ll always be gratefull to you guys you teach me smthn new everyday

  9. Matti At the beginning I skiped some of your videos but now everytime you upload , I know it's something inspiring or something new I will learn because you're making great great videos ..Keep it up dude <3

  10. I’m really enjoying your content! Very helpful for a newbie like me! I’ve started my channel. Still trying to carve out time to get my videos done and posted, decide on the perfect system to upgrade from my 10 year old camcorder, and sorting through all of my content ideas! I have 52 subscribers; Can’t wait to get t 100 so I can get my custom url! My channel is a labor of love. My goal is to uplift and inspire! 💗

    UPDATE: I’m too late for the survey. ☹️

  11. It’s interesting that you didn’t set out for any of this but it came as a natural output of your decisions and hard work.

    This makes me wonder…

    If people just did what they love and naturally gravitate towards instead of seeking out similar success and position of their contemporaries, then maybe their decisions and hard work would lead them to a platform and place they never expect yet love just like you 🤔


  12. Loved the message of this video Matti! Me and my wife started a channel about 2 months ago and we are really enjoying it so far. Hopefully one day we can be successful on this platform!

  13. Thank you for making this video. I am a graphic designer and aspiring currently to adding motion graphics artist to my list as well. The last year and a half has been probably the hardest all around, in every way in life. Hearing the words “If your a little down right now, just keep going and it will get better”. Just what I needed honestly. Thank you Matti for your example of being just such a happy, grateful, and respectful dude. Love what you are doing and think it’s so cool you want to use this season to help people. 🙏🏻

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