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The Real Reason Hollywood Dumped Brendan Fraser

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If you’re new, Subscribe! → At the turn of the millennium, Brendan Fraser seemed to be everywhere. He was headlining goofy …


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  1. I keep my matress sweet because the real reason for being a humane being masters cooking without cooking dirty fearing life and murder and nobody else truly has mastered it making me a master

    Because of white eagle 🦅 and the truer Encino lost forgotten infinite intelligence

  2. Looney Tunes, The Mummy 3, Furry Vengeance all had terrible scripts and lackluster supporting casts. No one would have had a hit with those. Brendan didn't do Journey 2 because Warner Bros. didn't honor the terms of his contract, NOT out of "loyalty" to Eric Brevig. He's doing tv , because he likes doing tv.

  3. Brendan Fraser is awesome in the film The Quiet American (86%approval Rotten Tomatoes). But this film is only for smart people to watch, so I guess that is why it is not mentioned here. And he was awesome in the Mummy and in the film Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley. Like others have said here. He is really underrated and should enjoy much more success as he is a very skilled and versatile actor.

  4. Brendan Fraser CHOSE to step away. Hollyweird evil done to him contributed greatly to that choice as well. The truth and reality/FACT of things is not as this stupid video inaccurately states (as is the case with most videos from this joke of a channel) every so called flop Fraser suffered, he immediately followed it up with a major success each time. Again he chose his distance from Hollyweird.

  5. It's aweful that these talented people who make us happy and give us alot of laughter are as the word everyone missed or didn't pay attention to are people too. Unlike the role's they play they have personal lives and they are made much harder by the fact that once they are celebrity's everything they do is in the media however what we're being told or see is not always the whole story

  6. Love Brendan Fraser! School ties, with honors, airheads, Encino man, blast from the past, the air I breathe, the scout, glory daze, & bedazzled are all classics to me. I miss seeing him in films & hope he’s doing well

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