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The Original Stars: A Tribute to Classic Hollywood

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Hey, guys! This is a video I made featuring my favorite Classic Hollywood leading men and leading ladies. As you’ve probably already figured, I couldn’t and …


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  1. Dear Adrianna B, Thank You very much for your kind response ✨ You truly did a wonderful job! I wish you could list the song that you posted about half way through… was it A Percy Faith Tune?? Just can’t seem to remember, but has his familiar piano way of playing! Hope you can just list that tune.. just Love it! 🎶

  2. Этих актёров и актрисих как я люблю , обажаю. Я смотрела почти все фильми, которие они снимали. Как жаль они уже нет на этим земле.

  3. Не только наших старых актеров нет и уходят в мир иной , и в Голливуде то же многих нет. История их имена не забудет , главное что от актеров остались фильмы , иногда можно посмотреть и на Ютубе

  4. Ohhhhh. I can here their voices. I miss the music of yesteryear. Does anyone remember the DIxie brand ice cream and the celebrity pictures on the inside of the lid? Factory was near my house in the 1950-1960’s. Where is my collection? Gone, mmmmmmmm.

  5. No Dietrich? But some interesting additions, two much undervalued stars ilho SusanHayward and Veronica Lake- the last just coming into her own when alcohol sadly claimed her, Carole Landis when Rex Harrison tragically claimed her. But nice too see Betty Grable a huge wartime contributor. John Barrymore-gorgeous before booze claimed him. When i was 14 and first time wore lipstick my father told me to take it off because i ‘looked like Clara Bow’! Although i had heard of her i didn’t see a pic for years – i was very flattered and there was a definite resemblance. I could never really see the attraction of Joan Fontaine- always looked washed out to me and didn’t compare to her gorgeous sister. No Ronald Coleman, did it for me far more than Tyrome Power. But lovely to see Joan Crawford wonderful in Grand Hotel and a lady of amazing acting skill but often over looked in the beauty stakes, Bette Davis take a good look at Jezebel and Now, Voyager certainly a head turner. Interesting unusual list. Well done! However Vivien Leigh in Waterloo Bridge is a work of perfection.

  6. I just can't understand why, when people post these, they overlook Priscilla Lane who was one of Warner Bros leading actresses in the late 30's, 40's. A much bigger star in her time than Carole Landis.

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