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The ONE Thing YOUR Film NEEDS!

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  1. I agree its so important to have people in your videos! Drone shots and landscapes get boring over and over again. Also, how do you submit videos for feedback? Would love to know what some of y'all think. Keep it up man! Your channel is growing fast 🙂

  2. Could you make a video about the different types of shots. Low angle, pan, drone shots, glidecam, close ups and what feels they give off and how is best to use these shots and when 😃😃

  3. Yes bro couldn't agree more with this, along with what you were saying the other week about actually having a story! Not just pretty visuals and transitions. Story is everything! Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. this has inspired me to finish a new New Zealand video. I've got a mixture of landscape shots, faces and emotions. will ask you to review it once it's finished 🙂
    so why one 1 follower from IG and twitter but not youtube? I'm following on all 3 🙂

  5. So, so, so many travel videos nowadays on YouTube with girls in bikini shots 😑 Like is traveling all about showing your booty? What happened to storytelling? Loving these critique videos, call them out Mattih!

  6. Drone shots are cool, but getting in touch with the local people/culture and having that shy/intriguing smile to your lens is way priceless. I just release a video of Singapore, 100% handheld, just walking around the city. Would love some true feedback!

  7. Hey Matti, what GH4 settings do you use? I'm travelling in Colombia for the next 4 week and planning to do a travel film, I feel like my footage isn't as sharp or pretty as it could be I am shooting in 1080 60-96 fps though, what do you recommend in terms of cine d settings?

  8. Would love to see a video on how to incorporate GoPro POV footage into travel films, I use POV shots a lot instead of 'faces' in order to show me interacting with what im doing because im usually on my own.

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