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The Nikon Z50 is a HUGE Mistake

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The Nikon Z50 is the newest APS-C mirrorless camera for Nikon’s Z-mount. It has 20.9 megapixels, 11 frames per second, and 4k video (full-width) at 30 FPS.


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  1. Nikon Z has limited lense options? That is a flawed argument. Every camera system has a limit but Nikon Z has a lot of options already and they are releasing new ones quickly plus the FTZ adapter allows all Nikon F.

  2. The only wrong decision by Nikon was to delay its entry into the mirrorless market. Now once they have decided to go mirrorless with Z6, Z7 and now Z50.. I think Nikon's prospects are better and it will recover fast from short term losses. One should remember that smartphones have been eating into the camera market. Z50 is a good decision, now Nikon users have choice 🙂

  3. I like your videos, Tony, but I think telling people who buy aps-c cameras to only buy dx lenses isn't great advice. If they're just going to be taking family photos and snapshots, sure, but if they're trying to do more, and they're getting let's say a D500, while you are wasting some size and effectiveness of the lens, most really good lenses are full frame format. For me, I have a D800. I want a D500. Ideally, I'd pair the D500 with a D850. I enjoy wildlife photography, and the D500 has a great price to performance ratio. If I could, I'd trade my d800 even for a d500 in a heartbeat. If I was starting to get gear now, I'd get the d500. If I was following your advice, I couldn't get a 70-200 2.8. I couldn't get a super tele zoom or prime. For long lenses, I'd pretty much be limited to the 70-300. While I agree that you typically get more from a full frame lens with a full frame camera, most of the better quality lenses are made for full frame, and would be much better on a crop sensor camera than crop sensor lenses.

  4. My aim was to consolidate under one brand/system, drop m43 and go all Nikon APS-C, add mirrorless to my D7500. Not gonna happen. Z50, no in-body stabilization (unconvincing when you come from e.g. a Panasonic G85+O.I.S. lenses), no top plate control panel (unconvincing when you have a D7500). DX lenses, unconvincing. MFT/m43 has very good glass 2.8 down to 2.0 or 1.8 at competitive prices, DX Z 3.5-5.6 is not going to convince me optically 'quite nice' not withstanding, and FF lenses are not stabilized and have their price. Disappointment reigns. Z development will be FF, while DX is a lesser concern (think F mount). And a non-stabilized Z50 body with non-stabilized Z-FF lenses …I might as well get my FM2 back.

  5. This looks like the right place to ask a question about the Z50: I was shooting the z50 with FtZ adapter and Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 at lowlight event conditions . When shooting at ISO 1600+ at F4 -200 I got yellow and purple horizontal lines in some picture. When I was shooting outside at daylight it was gone? No idea what I did wrong. We shot at the same event with the d800 and had no problems at all. Could this be a sensor problem or am I doing something wrong? ps: the z50 was overall a lot more fun to shoot with than the heavy d800;)

  6. I actually agree with his assessment on some levels… Why do aspiring mirrorless users have to commit to all new lenses (or a cumbersome adaptor), given the investment they already have in Nikon F compatible lenses… Had Nikon kept the same F mount in use for 60 years, they likely would have sold more Z full frames by now, and loyal customers would have had a less expensive transition to them… does Sony, who leads in this sector, have different mounts for FF and APS-C? And the new Z-50 isn't even weather sealed! Now I'm considering my entry to mirrorless via the Sony route… Anyway, my questions have been answered…

  7. Nikon has now moved to promoting Z mount…and they're screwed for life. Why ? Bcoz they have to cannibalize their own F-mount lenses lineup. Yeah, that can be solved by buying an adapter. Certainly I won't spend the money to buy an adaptor & I'm one among the many !

  8. The mistake was not putting IBIS in the camera. There is nothing wrong with APS-C this cam needs to be cheaper.
    Using FF lenses on APS-C is fine stop the Fud dudes!

  9. I've been using this camera in the last few weeks and I'm completely blown away by the image quality it can deliver. So I think your opinion is a huge mistake; just stop misinforming future buyers with your nonsense review.

  10. Very big marketing mistake of Nikon is not including IS to Z50. With it Z50 was ready to compete with A6600 & A6500 .Now only 2 Z lenses with IS available ,and most enthusiasts who play with third party lenses will have no IS on Z50.Lost market share.

  11. Wow! I'm ashamed to see this. Probably best not to say too much man. I like you, but just where are you going with this? I do a lot of professional high paying jobs with only my Z's and I love it. And I flip out my screen like an iPhone from time to time and I like it. lol

  12. i think they should have made a compelling APS-C mirrorless camera to start with, then once they've had a generation or 2, move into the big leagues with pro-level full-frame once they've had feedback from the smaller, cheaper cameras, starting off with the full-frame z6 and z7 with a new z-mount, was a bit like putting all their eggs in the one basket, now they've either got to commit to a flawed mount or change direction, and both options are messy

  13. No benefit? You mean not being able to use my FF Z glass isn't a benefit? Or having just 1 FTZ adapater type? I disagree. If anything a larger diameter means better control of the focus/zoom controls in future lenses.

  14. it cost like 3 set Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 70-300mm Lenses and Accessories Kit

    B&H # NID35002LKAC MFR # 1558 KIT like 2
    Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lenses with Free Accessories Kit (Black)

    B&H # SOA6000BKZC like 6!!! 6 fuji XA10 3
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    B&H # FUXT100KG MFR # 16583016
    some FF cameras kits like A7-2 too
    and all this without an adapter in the box so you can't use your old lenses. so seems to me japanize marketologist looking for rich idiots))) exactly like old unfuckable grannies on dating site
    and probably will get the same results. And today at least 10 new full frame cheaper than z50

  15. Does Nikon want to plan it's future on what is now, the dying F mount? There's quite a buzz about the new S lenses ….. most want to upgrade to a better ML ………. not find themselves re-buying in order to get the benefits of the modern S glass!
    Who wants an F mount ML?

  16. haha…wow Tony…so much wrong info..so if I can purchase a used full frame quality lens for the same price as a new inferior aps-c lens, I should get the aps-c one? ridiculous..not enough lenses ? only at least 40 years worth from Nikon, that's all…geez..I've learned a lot from you in the past and I appreciate it, but a swing and a miss on this one

  17. strange enough… this video makes me think to consider z50…
    all the reason he talks about aren't actual issue with camera… sounds more like trying to squeeze out bad factors from amazing camera …

  18. Hmmm … I both agree and disagree on different points here.

    Regarding the Z mount: Brilliant brilliant move to keep the same mount for all their mirrorless cameras. For the same reason why the old F mount just worked well on both FX and DX bodies: futureproofing. I know you dislike people putting full frame glass on DX bodies as it's not super optimal, but for many people who can do even a little bit of research, being able to mount a FX lens on a DX body means being able to keep using that lens when they switch to an FX body. I had a DX Nikon D7000 and I had a 24-70 and a 105 macro. The 24-70 was actually kinda great for me because it made the perfect portrait zoom for my small home studio. And the 105 macro is a gift from god and I'm still so very happy I have that available for me now that I switched to a full frame Z6. Again, not saying full frame glass is optimal on DX bodies, but they are still very good and will keep being good once someone goes with a full frame body. Canon, on the other hand, has created a mount specifically for their crop bodies, and another for their full frame bodies. So once that person switches to an EOS R or RP, for example, ALL their old gear, all of it, is instantly rendered useless. Even Nikon DX glass will work on a full frame body in crop mode as an interim solution while saving up a bit to replace with full frame glass. With Canon, that option simply does not exist. So definitely kudos to Nikon here.

    That being said, I do have issues with the Z50. The screen that just swivels down is just silly. If they are going to make a swivel screen, it should have gone full articulating on the side, just like all of Canon's mirrorless bodies. Otherwise, may as well just make it a tilting screen like on the Z6. Swiveling down just not make sense at all since you can't mount the camera on a tripod and still use the screen.

    The other area I think Nikon missed the boat is in not giving the Z50 IBIS. IBIS is one significant edge that Nikon has over Canon on their FX mirrorless bodies, and they should have found some way of including it on the DX body too. It's a major selling point.

  19. I own two D750s and just bought a Z 50. It is an amazing little camera! While I'll probably keep my full-framers for paid jobs, I'll be taking my Z 50 with me everywhere else. It's also going to replace my Panasonic GX85 for video work.

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