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The Internet's Most Talented Photographer ep. 7

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In this episode the challenge is a Henri Cartier Bresson quote Photographers/Contestants’ sites: Charlie Atkinson http://500px.com/Barly Michelle Cruz …


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  1. Tip for next time. When the judges are comparing Harrison's photo to someone else, I think it'd be good for you guys to show both; cause we can't really understand or know what photo the judges are comparing to.

  2. So watching these from the start got ruined because the play list for the video's says who won at the end, so I've watched 7 episodes only to have it ruined now… Either way, entertaining show. How do I get in on the next one?

  3. I like Tye's idea with the umbrella, but yeah, not my favorite photo. Unlike the judges, I do like the ones that were really clean and nicely shot. Maybe they are just so used to it. I liked Natasha's photo because I like the repeating shape, like that other guy's shot, and I also liked the person sitting there. There was just an interesting look about them with the lamp and all. And then the moonlight peeking in in a friendly way while the figure still remained safely hidden from the world.

  4. I agree with Mark, even though that might be his taste or preference (more gritty), I also think they're just being very clean and safe with their styles. It makes images lean towards looking like stock photos, postcards, or something you'd find in a pretentious modern art museum or magazine. You know, tight lines, straight angles, clean surfaces, and glossy sharpness. – It's pretty ironic how there's a large group of people pushing things like analogue and organic styles, yet most people still keep making very clean and organized images that are rather boring. – That's not to say that the photography is bad, but the final image is kind of bland. – I think the problem with a lot of creators is being afraid to let loose and just go crazy, and they're being too perfectionistic and because of that careful and safe about it. And then they don't create something people really want to look at.

  5. Ok, 8 years late to this. But they're judging the images on whether Bresson would have taken the shot at that moment. But the last is all about rhythm, shapes and values..

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