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The Internet's Most Talented Photographer ep.2

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Episode 2 of The Internet’s Most Talented Photographer. Challenge title: “Silence is Golden” VOTE for the contestant you want to save from elimination here: …


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  1. After watching this video, I think I would've gone with a room full of empty beer and liquor bottles, chips bags and what have you, with a few of my friends hung over laying on the floor and couch. That's one moment when silence really can be golden, I think.

  2. Picture Idea for "Silence is Golden" – Two brothers, one teen and one much younger … younger brother is in tears throwing a temper tantrum & yelling at the older brother.  The older brother is reading a magazine or book peacefully with large ear muffs.  Room should be minimalistic look.  Focus will be on older brother using a fast 50mm prime or 85mm prime while the younger brother in the background slightly blurred out.

  3. LOVE the guy who commented on the gross people obsessing over Alamby. I'm not talking about people that simply call her pretty, because she is. But there are some truly disturbing and disgusting comments out there.

  4. Multiple people, separate from each other, describing the same concept (such as "A place that is empty that normally has a lot of people in it.") is a perfect example of a cliché. – I think you almost lose out by going that route, but then only a great capture can save you, which is what it's about in the end.

  5. I really like the idea of the church, but perhaps at another angle. Also… It might have been better if there was one very isolated person there, like they're looking for silence and peace. – Especially if it was a person actually there already, but that might've been a bit too personal or private. – As much as I don't like religion and such, I still respect the peace in a place like that, especially if someone is going there in troublesome times.
    But that's what I mean with the picture, just an empty space is a little boring… The silence you "see" should also apply to someone. If there's nobody in the picture to experience the silence (apart from maybe the viewer) it doesn't come across as well, I think. – Kinda depends how you look at it.

  6. I think the image on the water that is still has an edge, for me, because it has a "golden" look. As in the word "golden" from the theme in a literal sense. I love that look and it's something that also came to my mind when hearing the theme.

  7. I think when the word "iffy" was used it was about his decision… He wasn't sure about if the picture was in or out, not the quality of it. – And I think they just forgot to go back to it for a final critique. It's like a plot-hole, that's why it bothered her.

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