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The Internet's Most Talented Photographer – Coming Soon!

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The final 16 has been picked! We appreciate all the 200+ entrants who sent us their audition video for the Internet’s Most Talented Photographer. Catch a quick …


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  1. @BlownMacTruck That is exactly my point sir. All of these kids look like they're into photography just like they're into today's fashion. I did not enter this contest and I am glad I didn't for this very reason… tool…

  2. @Josiah77 Glad to know you're stupid enough to instantly judge everyone the second you see them. Since you haven't seen any of their photographs I guess you already know they suck and none of them know what they're doing. You sir, are the very definition of 'giant tool'.

  3. @BlownMacTruck Funny how you take exactly what I say and use it against me, absolutely genius! I don't care if their photos are time magazine worthy (yeah right), the way they act says enough for me. If you don't think so then move along and express your individualism somewhere else. Tool….

  4. @Josiah77 Sorry dude, but a less than 5 second snapshot of each person's video who got selected says absolutely nothing about their personality. But even if the person's a total dick, that doesn't preclude them from taking beautiful photos. I wouldn't expect you to grasp this however, since you're all about snap judgements. I suppose I could look at 2 seconds of one of your videos and decide you're a terrible cinematographer with no idea how to mix sound or handle basic editing. Same thing.

  5. @TheDafrankie because a good number of families of HKers who is based overseas have their own apartments/house and the entry solely accommodate to being in a hotel for 1 week as opposed to a open return trip in your own house, if not a return to Japan, plus had the prize being for a flight for 2011, many HKers would had ran there to collect their $6k free government handout

    In my case the former was why I never entered

  6. @TheDafrankie In addition to my 1st post…

    …this competition only accommodates to those who speak English – just watch each episodes and you will know why, not forgetting there are plenty of better photographers who can't speak English well, better than the judges in fact, this is despite the fact photography is supposed to be a vocabularyless art..so can you imagine this show being run in Mandarin/Cantonese/Hakka

  7. @DigitalRevCom

    Out of curiosity, might there be plans to do such a contest again? I would certainly join in on the fun if there'd be another go-round.

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