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The DEATH of the Consumer Camera

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Camera manufacturers (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax/Fuji/Olympus/Panasonic) ignored the potential of the iPhone & other smartphones for too long, and now …


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  1. What we really need to do is stop letting children dictate what tools we adults are going to use – most of the consumer cameras are disappearing because the latest crop of consumers is too ignorant and attention deficient to know how to – what? Deal with a camera's menu system. Bottom line is – if adults spent money, we wouldn't be having these issues.

  2. I wonder how many of these long-standing companies have finally changed their business model to accommodate the software side of cameras.

  3. 2019 and my FZ1000 does this. It just doesn’t allow lens switching. In nostalgic moments I miss my Minolta (“only from the mind of…”) but no. My blog my Instagram my hobby are well served by a silly easy bridge camera.

  4. Great thoughts and ideas for the camera industry Tony. Unfortunately, large corporations aren't usually that quick to come around. I wonder if a newcomer will enter the market?

  5. The camera / phone bundle is just too convenient. People are content with their cameras. Technology also dumbs it down to make it easier and is pretty much assuming all responsibility for the creative process of the consumer. If the picture is bad, the technology behind it must be bad. So they grab a DSLR, they take a picture, compare it to what they would have taken with their smartphone and probably come to the conclusion that it's not worth spending that much money. So if camera manufacturers want consumers to take the next step, they really need to dumb it down for the average consumer OR offer more guidance. You got examples of FREE software (as in free beer and as in freedom) that is capable of doing the same things as paid software and people still choose paid software because it's more guided and easier to use.

  6. Tony, you can upload photos from computer to Instagram by pressing f12 on your browser and using the "toggle device" (to see the Instagram like if you were on a tabled or phone and use the + sign 🙂

  7. We are half way through 2019 and an update of this video would be great. This is a superb video and needs an update. Hope to see one. You did z great job on this one!

  8. Tony .. Contrast this video to your video of how Sony increased their sales. You should say in it The Market was saturated and needed a change. Neither S N C are in that scheme.

  9. A voice from the future! Samsung NX: dead! Nikon 1: actually pronounced dead in the summer of 2018. Canon M: put Canon over the top as the #1 mirrorless brand in 2018 and 2019 in Japan. Not a big hit in the USA — with absolutely no marketing — but very popular in Asia. And Canon's still making new EOS M gear.

    There's a formula for this. By the time a system camera is dead, pretty much EVERYONE knows it. Camera companies will go for about 3 years of no new products before they declare a system dead. You saw that with Nikon 1 if you watched. You can see that today with Sony A-Mount or Pentax Q: neither company has officially released the death certificate, but neither has done anything with those for three years. And the other thing: never believe the camera companies. Pentax said this spring that the Q-mount isn't dead yet. Nikon was saying that about the Nikon 1 around six months before it was pronounced dead. Trust the market, not the companies and not the blogs. Things that still sell — even in Japan — don't usually get cancelled.

  10. Good point about the HW vs. SW company idea. And one of the things that you'll notice in the market is that Canon and Nikon have really tried to be hardware companies, while most of the mirrorless companies have pushed much harder on the software thing. I thought it was amazing that, after I bought an Olympus E-M5 and Olympus came out with the higher-end E-M1, they also released an update for the E-M5 that added some of the things that had been new for the E-M1.

    I was a Canon user at the time flirting with mirrorless. Canon is probably the worst company on the planet about self-competition. They needlessly cut out software features from lower-end cameras to not compete with higher-end cameras. Some of that's been hardware, too, and you can at least justify that on a cost basis. But software? Nope.

    And it continues to this day. Canon's recently dropped 24p video from their lower-end cameras. It's absolutely clear that all of those models have the hardware to support 24p, but Canon's making sure that no one making a film is going to use a $1,000 camera from them when a $1,500-$2,000 camera can do the job. That's the theory. In practice, I think that just makes those guys buy a Panasonic or a Sony.

  11. It's DEEEAAAD!
    Sony Cybershot is what got me to want more.
    I have an old accordion Kodak consumer camera.
    And a Minolta camera from the 80's.. autofocus? Pffft lol it was a interchangeable lens camera my father bought as an enthusiast.

  12. A bit of my speech: When you said about Instagram did not want to post pictures from Cameras – right now, in 2019 – a lot of consumer cameras have WiFi and you can easily send, for example, from RX100VA (like I do) pictures to your smartphone and post them to Instagram. But I get your point, because Instagram really focuses more on experience, rather than picture quality, because you, really, cannot see difference between DSLR photo and iPhone photo, because of instagram poor picture quality.

  13. Two totally different markets….A smartphone with a miniscule sensor will never approach the IQ of a full frame camera..Yes they have taken over from the small compact camera but they will never take over from the shooter that goes out to do wildlife or even very detailed landscape/Portrait work…Smartphones are good for snaps but no way will they come close to a DSLR for serious work..Two totally different tools for different jobs..And those small Nikon cameras you showed aren't bridge cameras they are CSC cameras..Bridge cameras are the likes of the Fuji FZ2000/Sony RX10…….

  14. Good observations Tony. I do like that you back what you say with facts, photos, and charts… it's not just opinion. As to modern smartphones: someday the consumer will wake up to the fact that their storage is filled with nonsense photos and the ones they want to find are either missing or lost in the noise. Someone will undoubtedly develop a better way of keeping the important photos… but too many folks anymore are searching their social media posts to find a photo they took. Yes, cameras will need computational help, ease of use and a way to keep/organize memories.

  15. How about a consumer camera that can be connected ,let,s say with at&t ,not a phone, just a camera that just transmit photos the same way iPhone does. You buy the camera and connect it to AT&T ,you pay your monthly photo bill (no phone) That will make the iPhone cameras obsolete..The quality of an interchangeable lens cámara will kill the iPhone. What sells new iPhones..? The improved camera.

  16. The p&s camera maybe going away, but the mirrorless and even the DSLRs aren't going anywhere… Sure they'll become more expensive to be able to regain the R&D, but they're not going anywhere.

    Can't compare a pin head sized 30megapixel phone whatever not even a rel jpeg, so infested with software interference… to even a 4megapixel P&S camera jpeg. Let alone a real photograph from practically any DSLR…

  17. Portability and way better lenses (not just huge megapixal count) along wiyh what you said would help, too. The lenses on even the most expensive consumer cameras are just a little better than whats offered on the better phones. I love photograghy, but mirrorless cameras are not something i want to carry around, they're too big and too expensive. A small camera with the ability to control my shot and a great lense would go a long way. Yeah yeah, price point etc…

  18. 2019. I started picking up photography 1 year ago. Recently picked up a used D600… I love concert photography so now people approach me because they think i'm a pro… I constabtly have to tell them i'm only a student… But they STILL invite me to come and take pictures. There's still people who believe in oldschool photographers (yay!) and they don't even mind it when I tell them processing them may take a while.

  19. While I concur the cell phone is killing the consumer camera market, Snapchat and Instagram are still a relative niche – because they limit access and upload to cell phones. Fakebook, YouTube and Twitser (an appalling Sturm und Drang social media platform) have a much broader usage and base. Nevertheless, uploads via cell phones are ubiquitous.

    The result is a deluge of photographic and video detritus that's unfiltered and unedited. As one other already observed, there are many who are documenting and posting their lives 24/7 in one continuousl stream They act as if they're the star of reality show, with all their friends, relatives and coworkers hanging on every moment waiting to see what happens next, like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. I turn off the continuous streams like that in Fakebook and everyone else I know does the same – or uses some other method to severely filter it. The denizens of Snapchat and Instagram can go on with the real time 24/7 streams of their lives. Nobody's watching or listening to it all because nobody cares. They're too busy uploading their lives real time.

  20. Why are we watching a video that is supposed to keep us up to date that is over 3 years old. There should be a disclaimer at the beginning saying how old this video is and how old the topic is 😡

  21. My parents don't use proper cameras anymore, my bro only started when he got an Iphone. I am the only person on the whole including extended using a real camera. But then i can get shots no one else can in the family.

  22. Brilliant commentary on the state of photography. I agree with your observations on what would make Camera companies more successful and cameras user friendly. Right on the money.

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