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The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg & Hollywood

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VICTIM NAMED ▻ The swamp is draining and Hollywood scum are being called out for their predatory …


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  1. EVERY DAM ADULT that KNEW ABOUT CHILDREN being RAPED should be ARRESTED . Such as Martin sheen, Myerial Streep and Tom Banks . The list is endless. Burn HOLLYWOOD down for good.

  2. All these predators gaslight the children, how sick is that shame ,shame ,shame .strong men protect children and women, obviously these people are not men but weak predators

  3. I know a woman who, when she was nine or ten, was brought to Skywalker ranch in Novato with other poor kids from San Francisco mission district to tour Skywalker ranch. She met George Lucas. Nothing happened to her, but how easy would it be for Lucas to pick a vulnerable child, most of whom barely even spoke English, to pull into a room off the tour?

  4. Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman have exposed these people several times but stood by Michael Jackson. Still, people believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Can't y'all see that the poor man was used as a scapegoat? They just used him to conceil the real pedophiles in Hollywood!!

  5. I blame the rest of people in hollowed for their silence. Oprah and Meryl Streep. If they just said something specially Oprah, the whole world would believe it. But nah she invested her power in to liars.

  6. Funny how Shia Labeouf said in an interview that Steven Spielberg eats babies and everybody thought it was a joke. Look it up if you dont believe. Shia been leaking little truth bombs out thats why hes considered an outcast now.

  7. But how can we trust that those transcripts are legit. I know that hollywood has this dark underbelly but if im gonna point fingers i want real proof first.

  8. Weinstein paid reporters to make up stories about Michael Jackson I don’t think a fellow rapist/pedo would dish out another pedo. It would just link back to Weinstein besides Michael has proven his innocence if people would just look into his case he definitely was used as a distraction from the real pedos hiding in Hollywood. Over 2,000 media outlets reported on the 05 trial all media sources are connected by the same people but who are in charge is the real question.

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