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The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE!

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Whats up guys! Snowed in here so I wanted to take some time to teach how I make time-lapses. This tutorial goes over what you need and the workflow and …


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  1. PLEASE ANYBODY: HELP NEEDED….! I have been searching but I am not able to finde anywhere that explains how I make time lapse videos for Instagram with Photoshop. I have found toturials on making time lapse with PS and that's all right – but when I use the 'Render' funtion as Export I end up with a folder with the same amount of images as I begund with just with new names. I thought they were supposed to be 'flattened' down to one file I could upload for Instagram. Please: all help appreciated!!

  2. OK am I crazy. Wouldn't it make sense to scale the length with the number of photos. Ie if you're doing 30 frames a second video and 5 seconds wouldn't it make sense to only shoot 150 images over whatever time scale you're doing? Am I missing something or are you throwing out 8ish frames out of the 10 you shot? Not that it truly matters just thinking storage as well as camera battery life etc.

  3. Hi,

    I am just starting out on youtube and making new videos. My channel is focussed on gardening. Want to make videos of seeds germinating and plant growth. Is there a way I can get equipment which turns the camera like 360 every few minutes while taking pictures of lest say 4 plants. This will allow me to shoot 4 videos at the same time. I can also use recommendations on what camera to get for this purpose and what lense and how do I set up.

    Thank you in advance!!!

  4. Did he shoot the lapse on auto or manual? Can’t decide which is better to do it with. I’m not good enough yet to adjust the exposure manually according to the lighting etc, but auto on my 800d is shite in my opinion.

    Plz help.


  5. Still a great work flow 2.5 years later. I noticed you started with JPEGS. I start with RAW, which I am assuming you do now instead of editing JPEGS which is even larger in file size.

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