Home Photography The BEST just got BETTER! 70-200 RF MAGIC LENS

The BEST just got BETTER! 70-200 RF MAGIC LENS

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  1. It would seem that Peter took the red pill from morpheus, and he's doing what he loves rather than taking the blue pill and getting a job like the most of us.

    He's the one.

  2. That hole from lenshood it is usefull when you shoot against the wind. open that and the wind goes trough that hole and will be no pressure to your lens. shooting from a moving car for example.

  3. I shoot every day as a press photography. My canon 70-200 is constantly getting damaged. The top element is always coming loose. I am on my third one. It always happens, some of my colleagues have the same complaint. I wonder will this happen quicker with the new zoom. Its a lot of money to drop on a lens that constantly has to be sent in for repair or replaced.

  4. I’ve just purchased a brand new 70-200 mark III for only £900. I’ve just saved myself £1100 so for me to consider a RF 70-200 doesn’t make sense. I could sell my EF for £1500 and make a profit, but still, it’s too expensive to jump to an RF lens. Is the image quality really going to be different?? For now I’m sticking to my EF lens. I’m a pro photographer btw and I don’t think I can honestly suggest upgrading if you own a mark III

  5. Good Morning Peter,

    I would like to talk to you about an idea of a short film that can open the eyes of the people so we can star to save our planet. I know you love Moraine Lake, It will be very sad if in a few decades the climate change so much that the only way to see it beautiful again is just to go back to your photo. That will be sad for a lot of people losing those places that bring so much good memories.

    Well, my idea will be a short film living in the future, when all that changes already happen.

    I am just a person with an idea, that I know that can help to make things happen. I don't have the knowledge of film, I don't have the facilities to make it happen. So if you just can give me a few minutes to tell you my idea I will be more than grateful.

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  6. Pete I love your vids, you're extremely knowledgeable and they are well put together, but is it bad that my favorite bit is always the double and, AND at the end ? 😜 makes me giggle every time

  7. Lens is light and cheap (relatively) for a professional lens I would not mind it being heavier and more expensive but with 1.4 aperture! For now i prefer my primes but when 14-21 f1.4 ! and something like 50-100 f1.4 will come out i will swap from my best primes to those zooms 🙂

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