Home Entertainment Terry Crews Reveals He Was Groped By Hollywood Exec

Terry Crews Reveals He Was Groped By Hollywood Exec

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  1. So he didn't rape them he made passes at them… or did he rape them??? Did he grope or what really happened all I'm hearing is he was trying to hit and was turned down.

  2. You guys don't understand how far this goes. Look into this. Every celebrity is cloned at these cloning centers by the elite. That is the price for all the money and fame. There, they partake in horrendous pedophilia and murder, using clone bodies. Most celebrities are willing Illuminati members, there are some that think it is wrong. Look into Donald Marshall, and Aug Tellez if you want to learn how this false soul matrix works.

  3. Bill Cosby only had allegations against him and mfs was burning crosses in his front lawn and throwing a rope over a tree for his ass by the end of the day, this guy admits some of the shit he did and its dammmn near a week later and the only time I hear about this harvey dude is when I search for the vids foh amerikkka be mad equally the same fucking way.

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