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Terrified of this!

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  1. I'm almost a year late on this video BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, I SHARE YOUR SAME FEAR!!! 😂😂 I thought I was alone in thinking the Lockness Monster would suddenly appear from the murky bottoms of a lake to snatch off my lower limbs! So I do find comfort in knowing you hate lake water just as much as I do!!! LOVE YOU MAN!!

  2. Im right there with ya on the lake water… Im a little freaked out about it as well. But on the hand, ive kayaked on the west coast of California in crystal clear water with seals all around me and I would have to say. That freaked me out even more…. Ignorance is bliss… To a certain extent. Keep on doing what you are doing…. You are inspiring me to start my own channel… Keep on keppin on… Peace!

  3. Okay then…. Now imagine being in the middle of the ocean, you look down and you only see blue. And then you remember that National Geographic documentary where they explain how great whites ambush turtles and seals by using the fact that their upper body skin is a blueish grey color so they dive deep down so they camouflage with the dark blue of the deep water and then they burst up like a torpedo and slam and bite them at the same time leaping 10 meters above the sea level whilst tearing them to shreds. After all this thinking you pee because of how much fear you just felt and then you remember that part of the documentary where they say great whites have an amazing sense of smell so you get to the conclusion that any nearby great white will be able to smell your pee and will probably come to inveatigate

  4. I half get it – lake water in FL scares the hell out of me. But, I've also seen gators and water moccasins in FL lake water. Aside from the movie lake placid, never heard of gators up that far north. You're good.

  5. Im going to share my infliction, when enter the waster, the Jaws tune starts playing in my head. makes diving super intense, I learnt to change the track on my in built mp3, now its not so bad.

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