Home Photography TCLIVE: apple Drone Clickbait, DJI Mavic, Nikon D5600, Candid Family Shots

TCLIVE: apple Drone Clickbait, DJI Mavic, Nikon D5600, Candid Family Shots

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  1. We love you guys so much! I'm convincing my wife to get her portfolio together and I (I guess my wife will too) would love your opinions. Much respect and love form the Müllers

  2. 52:22
    "I always see Erlend on the show, but he, like, never reaches out to talk"

    I bought your books, I'm on your facebook groups, I'm subscribed, I leave comments, send pictures, and I'm going to Thailand with you guys.

    I mean, what more do you want me to do, send letters via the pony express?

  3. This has nothing to do with another awesome episode of TCLive, but have have you guys checked out "Tales by Light" on Netflix?? Looks interesting, and great to see photographers getting more positive attention.

  4. hey chelsea and tony, im currently a nikon shooter and my most used lenses are the Tamron trinity. But now im looking for prime portrait lenses (Sigma 85 1.4 art vs nikon 105 1.4) Ive heard people in forums that third party lenses can be a problem for future Nikon DSLR , so this got me kind of worried and going for Nikon even it being $1000 usd more than the Sigma. Do you have any information about the truth on third party lenses and their future compatability?? thanks so much !! your knowledge on photography is amazing.

  5. +Tony & Chelsea Northrup Hey Tony…. Galaxy K Zoom wasn't that big was it? 😛 Your dream phone came and went and almost no one cared. 24-240mm optical zoom with actual OIS in a phone.

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