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T&C Live: Slice of Life!

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  1. How do I send in photos Ive recently started taking photos of my son for fun but I'm looking to get serious and make the steps to become professional. I would really like some tips and to be told how I can make my photos different and look more visually appealing

  2. LOVE those photos! When will I get that good!!!! BTW, they would make excellent visuals for teaching many concepts in Language Arts and Creative Writing classes! (I'm an educator. 📓✏️) Thanks SO much for sharing!

  3. Why does nobody ever want to talk about the superzoom cameras like the Nikon P series or the Canon SX530? I understand that they have very limited sensor size compared to DSLR, but when you are limited on money and can not afford a dslr and lens or you want to just carry one single camera and not a bag of lens these cameras are great. I have a Olympus E-3 with a bag full of lens, but when I go out I usually just grab my Nikon P510.

  4. I was just thinking "Their icon for the youtube channel should say Tony&Chelsea and not the either way around" and then the video starts and Tony opens up with "Welcome to Tony&Chelsea …" which feels right and better! The logo feels like a compromise you have done to make your relationship equal and fair which is bullpoo since Tony is who i mainly come here to listen to and his name should be above. But i also like the dynamic you have and its good both of you are in the videos. Thanks for a great channel by the way.

  5. Love Siobhan's recap. Easy way to re check the top photos,and so many great ones this time. Thanks guys for a quality show. A little more of Siobhan would be nice tho. Great sense of humor.

  6. Shamed into buying your books by Chelsea, today! Not really – just used the nudge to remind me to support your efforts. I've been a fan for a little over a year and truly enjoy the evolution of your business and your relationship! I appreciate the way you put yourselves out there – consider me a working photographer fan!

  7. Hey. like your show. So the guy with the tobacco is 100% Scandinavian, likely Swedish. The tobacco is called snus and one just puts a small bag of tobacco under the front top lip. We use it a lot instead of smoking. Most people who take snus actually don't smoke. Learning a lot from your shows. love from Sweden

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