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Tasty Cajun Rice & Turkey Burrito | Jamie Oliver & Uncle Ben's

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(PP) Contains product placement. Check out this amazing new burrito recipe from Jamie Oliver. It was recorded as part of Food Tube’s live cookalong with Uncle …


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  1. Just did basically a knock-off of this. I flavored some chicken with hoisin, sweet n sour, lemon juice, and honey in a pan until it was nice and brown and sticky, left out the rice, and used carrots instead of celery just because we didn't have any. Also, used mint instead of coriander. It was damn good. The only reason I left out the rice is because my mom's diabetic (this was her lunch), so she tries to hold back on the grains, but she had pasta yesterday. I try to make her meals that will fill her up without destroying her health. So, Food Tube, from my family to yours, thank you guys.
    Now that I've said that, I can't wait for the comments telling me all the stuff I did wrong to come rolling in.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I am a great follower of your recipes and have tried so many of them. I used to hate going to kitchen and cook but after watching you videos and trying some recipes, I have now passion for cooking and experimenting new dishes for my family and friends.
    This is a good dish no doubt but I am surprised about one thing in this video that you are saying not to throw away the stalks (I make pesto of stalkstalks of corriander and do use in almost all recipes) but I can see Kerryann plucking stalks and throwing away. Why?

  3. Jamie Jamie JAIME, I love making food – have been since I was 12! I am Indian and would love to come and cook on your channel if you would so kindly give me the opportunity! Love Food Tube!

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