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Switching from Nikon to Sony and Dumping my D850

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The Nikon D850 has been my go-to camera for a few years now and, though it hasn’t ever failed me, it lacks some features that appeal to me. I’ve used Sony …


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  1. i like my SONY mirrorless – it fits in my briefcase when i just dont have room for my 810 or 800e….but the 800e is going to get left in the weeds FOR a new 850!! 46 MP?!?!? my clients are going to go nuts again when they see the detail in their courtroom photo exhibits!!!

  2. One of the best youtube videos ever. Concise. Great humor, excellent production values, and very useful insight for those of us considering moving to a professional level mirrorless system. Plus, you stressed that you were RENTING lenses to try out, which is the smart and frugal way to test. Well done Chelsea. Well done indeed!

  3. Chelsea, please can you and Tony do a comparison on the :

    A7iii vs A7Riii vs A7RiV

    It would be nice to see the difference in ISO performance on all of them and also the other big point … detail in crop mode between them

  4. being limited to 400mm max for wildlife was never gonna cut it for me. too short. sold off a ton of sony alpha dslr AND mirrorless gear recently. one keeps hitting a wall in terms of limited lenses available it’s extremely maddening. there is also such a limited amount of preowned sony glass available and i find buying new glass is thrown out $. almost bought sonys alpha 500mm but literally for the same price as a used one, i got a new d850 AND a preowned nikon 600 vrii. not to mention sonys “flagship” 300mm prime for their alpha dslr is total garbage and overpriced compared with the competition. used their gear for about 10y but in the end couldn’t get away fast enough. glass issues aside, their mirrorless AND dslr alpha bodies also do not feel as comfortable or as quality for that matter compared to my d850. an A99ii felt like a cheap toy in comparison to a d850 and my A7rii was too tiny to comfortably navigate buttons while shooting in the field with my eye in the viewfinder. just my thoughts opinions differ.

  5. Best advice i can give you Chelsea is to experiment with the Register Custom Hold settings to make each one shoot like an entire different camera, set it up for sports, portrait, landscape, and you will never look back. As a Nikon shooter for 30 years, who sold all his stuff for an A9 and now has an A7R4 on order, Sony is the bomb…WITH ONE EXCEPTION, that maybe you can have some input on with Sony: their lack of a fully functional touch screen drives me crazy, and has me constantly looking at alternatives, like Canon and Nikon. Why can they not get the touch screen correct, and make it do pinch to zoom, scroll photos, pick menu items, etc. like everyone else??? Good luck dear, you will love it.

  6. D850 for me, reliable, tough with as good image quality as I will ever need. Im either on a tripod or shooting subjects that are moving too fast to use ibis anyway so don't really need it.

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