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SUPER RESOLUTION: Get More Megapixels! (Free Photoshop Action)

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Get more megapixels by just stacking a bunch of pictures together and running my free Photoshop action (available at http://sdp.io/superres). Get a Photoshop …


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  1. Hi Tony. Thanks very much for sharing your Photoshop action. It saves everyone a huge amount of time. I have used it now to greatly improve stills from my Mavic Air. I have averaged burst shots before to clean away noise, but this process does recover a lot more detail. Ghosting of moving objects is a limitation, but I can work with it. Thanks again. Adam

  2. Tony I've been using your Super Res 200% PS action for my lab's research. It's surprisingly effective when taking handheld camera shots at the oculars of a low mag stereo microscope. Thanks for providing this great script, I'll have to cite you in the methods of my next publication!

  3. So… When doing panorama, could I just do 70% overlap and do average stacking, median sharpening, superresolution and stiching to get crazy resolution?

    I am asking about using a ultra low resolution long wave infared camera with fixed focus wide lens and getting more resolution.

  4. Can this SuperRes technique work in tandem with HDR techniques? For example, if you set your camera to shoot bracketed exposures shoot the bracketed shots multiple times. Maybe combine the sets of bracketed exposures into a set of HDR frames first, then do the SuperRes process on those HDR frames. Now if you could combine this whole process into a single script, you'd have time to go to lunch while it all cooks down to one frame. 🙂

  5. Sounds like what the tiny DxO One camera does to make the most of it’s 1-inch sensor in low light. It basically takes 4 Raw files in quick succession and package it up for development later in the computer by averaging the 4. It works well, even hand-held, in my tests. The downside, being a proprietary package (though basically a Zip archive), you have to use their software to develop the Super-Raw file. But you can save a 16-bit Tiff and edit in something else. I expect if you were determined, you could unzip the .dxo package and extract the dogs and average them yourself, but seems too much hassle.

  6. Hi! I have no problem with 200% 400%, but Photoshop is always stuck at align step with 800%. I begin with 14 pictures and reduce to 8 pictures but it doesn't work either. No problem with RAM (6gb used by Photoshop and can use up to 12gb) and no problem with disk space too (still 200gb free space remaining). Any hint to unlock 800% please?

  7. The fact, that you guys created the best photo learning books I have seen plus run your great YT channel with all the free tips, is simply awesome. But now, when you just throw in your free-to-download script, which saves everyone so much time trying to figure it out … I am lost for words. Thank you!

  8. Hey Tony and Chelsea, i make a lot of 360 photo's and i am wondering whats a good dslr and wide angle lens to use for this purpose. I would like optimal results. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

  9. Speaking of trading off computing time (we used to run Photoshop on 3 machines at once, waiting for jobs to re-render) just how much CPU and GPU are you using or considering adequate for this work? Do Xeon CPUs make any difference? And having enough RAM, to prevent disk swapping, does that still mean 3x-4x at much RAM as the size of your original image file(s)?

  10. Tony, can you do the Image Averaging thing after the fact later on pictures taken years ago? By just making several copies of that one existing image?

  11. why does doing 400% or 800% increase resolution even more? shouldn't 200% already extract all the information possible with a bayer pattern that's only 2×2 subpixels?

  12. Tony, I hope you see this. I just want to put in my two cents about one thing that's bothered me about the way you reference something. I've always loved you and thought that you are probably the most knowledgeable photographer out there on You Tube, so when you do this it bothers me to no end. I'm talking about resolution. You're a big guy now, so when you say you would like more resolution, you don't say that. You say you want more megapixels. And in fact, you don't have to say more mega pixels, you could just say simply, more pixels. After all, what happens when we get to the 1000 mega pixels mark, are you going to have to start saying bili-pixels or whatever the correct word would be, like whatever comes after mega, like bega or, geez, I don't know. But it just sounds so much better when you're referring to higher resolution as just that and not more megapixels. It sounds so unprofessional. Otherwise…love your work.

  13. See the video “Enhance. Superresolution” by The Photon Collective – appeared to have much better results. Suggest checking out his video too. (Also on petapixel)

  14. The 400% and 800% option are very likely to freeze/crash your PS. That happened to me even with a 2TB SSD scratch disk and 64GB of RAM. The way round this is to go to the preferences in photoshop and change cache levels and cache tiles size to maximum! Then it works. Still takes a while, but at least it doesn't freeze out! (it did max out my RAM though!). There is a meaningful difference between 200 and 800, so if you're gonna bother with superresulotion, you may as well go all the way. 🙂

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