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Stupid Terms in Photography

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  1. Just beginning photography (haven't bought a ILC yet) and this video was the best! I was about to look up terms and would probably find some dead serious explanation that makes it look like the term is the best, everything is perfect with it etc. but now I got another view on things. That the terms aren't the best but that how it's done…

  2. All of these terms make sense to me because that is what I was taught. Kinda like the metric system and U.S customary units of measurement. The U.S system really makes no sense but, its what I was taught so I understand it.

  3. I never even realized DOF makes no ffing sense in english until recently. Finnish word translates directly "sharpness zone". Then I was trying to write something in english and started to suspect I forgot a term because field makes no sense here. Like it could be field of sharpness or depth of sharp area but depth of field is just agriculture.

  4. Disagree with your ideas for the first time. Shutter speed is the speed of shutter. F no. is the denominator so it has to be inverse of the aperture. Depth of field is not a scientific term. Exposure Triangle is theoretical and practical always differ. Nobody stops anybody from making and believing theories. Love your work❤. Chelsea shouting iso😂😂😂

  5. Ironic… trying to sell a book to people who come to Youtube becasue they want to watch a video instead of reading.
    I needed this video today, good laugh. Now back to learning how to count in square roots of 2… it's like trying to explain the metric system to Americans…

  6. Aperture is the diameter of the iris, and is expressed as f/[number] where f is the focal length, so "f/16" means the diameter of the iris is 1/16 of the focal length.

    So f/16 is a smaller number than f/8, as something divided by 16 is half that thing divided by 8

  7. I am so happy. Irrational taxonomies bug me on a daily basis, and these photography terms annoy me almost as much as musical notation does. Hooray for Tony and Chelsea for saying what we all know.

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