Home Photography Stunning Digital Photography Reader Photo Critiques & Edits #1

Stunning Digital Photography Reader Photo Critiques & Edits #1

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  1. Look, stuff happens. I have an H4N with two Sennheiser wireless lav mics–the whole setup is very high-quality, but Chelsea's mic flaked out and I didn't have a third person to monitor the sound, so I had to pull her sound from my mic.

    But really, it's understandable, and free.

  2. Sorry about the sound. I'm not going to resubmit because this is just a casual, YouTube-only video. Chelsea's mic flaked out and I didn't catch it until i was processing the video, but you can understand it, and it's free… Hopefully it won't happen again.

  3. Really nice video! Not worried about the sound. I still learned somethings so thank you!!!!!!!!!

    I just purchased your book (digital version) How to Create Stunning Digital Photography. Love the ability to click the links for videos on my iPad! Great book!!!!!!!

  4. I love this! I hope you keep doing these video's though I realize it's quite a chunk of time out of your day. Your review album will of course also be swamped now 🙂
    Best of regards too! Dennis from the Netherlands.

  5. I like this, Tony! Especially cool that you have a photo I took in Greece (at the 11:50 mark)… My wife is the subject off to the right walking on a beach on Milos Island. That image was made with an 8MP Sony DSC-F828 in 2004.

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