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STOP TRYING To Build An Audience….

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  1. Matti – great video structure and super cool time lapse! I was wondering what the heck you were doing with that dolly but then at the end, you had the time lapse – really nice way to keep people engaged, teach something super subtly, and good content to boot.

  2. Bro let's be honest. I like your content but you grew your channel by your association with Peter. Let's not be intellectually dishonest. However, I do agree that collaborating with a well known YouTuber isn't the promise of success that falls on your and your content.

  3. Agree totally, I've been a creator for over a year now with over 100 video's loaded.  I have 27 subscribers, in the last year I aimed at creating better content.  I keep telling myself I am making video's for me not everyone else as an artery of expression.  With working full time, raising kids, starting a business etc. so I am working with a sever time constraint.  I know everyone wants Niestat numbers but that to me is an oddity.  Fun to watch but an oddity, thanks for the video great work on the editing and message.  By the way you got a new subscriber.  "Cheer"

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