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Stepping Up Your INSTAGRAM Stories

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  1. Wow great to see so much effort going into stories! 🙂

    I launched an app a little while back for people making quality stories to have a dedicated place to upload them after 24 hours. Sort of like a YouTube just for stories would be awesome to see some of yours there. Thanks for the great video! 👍

  2. Instead of exporting numerous 15 second clips, just export the entire sequence, get it on your phone, download an app called "Cut story" and it will automatically export 15 sec for you. Easiest way I've found so far

  3. who else is having the problem ,that instagram says upload failed (after a few minutes of uploading the story (my video is 15 seconds so that shoudnt be a reason )

  4. You mentioned some export settings for Instagram stories in this video. Do you have a video where you walk through the best export settings for YouTube and Vimeo? If not, would you consider doing one? Sometimes my footage when I export it does not look as good as it does on my screen. Mainly around sharpness and saturation

  5. My IG been exploding ever since I decided to step up my game, jess & you were great inspiration.
    Hack; always use the location , your local area, it will literally send you ALL local followers, I'm turning into celebrity where I live thanks to my IG stories being AnWAys feature n the geo location where I live :)))) you guys are awesome!!

  6. Thanks dude! What's the optimal file size for an inta stories video?

    I did some insta stories recently, and since I have a snapchat audience too I like to also duplicate my stories on there. My files uploaded fine on insta, but snapchat told me they were too big to even import into snapchat! eeeeek!

    Any ideas?

  7. Cool stuff, but what's the dimensions of a video you want to publish in an actual post? I've read for material that orignates in 1080p, you can use 864wide x1080tall?

  8. 3:02 re: Bitrate. hmmm this goes against this guy's advice

    when he says that a high bitrate will cause Instagram to compress the crap out of it and give you a worse result than if you chose a smaller bitrate. He's talking about Instagram Video, not Instagram Stories, but it would relate. So the question is – what really is the ideal bitrate for maximum Instagram quality, or have you never really considered this?

  9. Honestly Filming Vertically is better (Usually) Just so you actually know that the thing will actually work out unless, like you said, you need or want to use the footage for something else.

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