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Stacking Action Photos in Photoshop

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  1. Hey Tony,
    Slightly off topic. When you're stacking photos to reduce noise by averaging. Is there a benefit to editing the photo before or after averaging the photo (i.e. Should I edit in Lightroom then import to photoshop or edit in Lightroom after photoshop) when primarily stacking to reduce noise.


  2. Hello! I have had my Rebel T5i for a while now, and have progressed majorly. I am shooting for people and have a 18-55mm kit lens, 50mm f/1.8, and my favorite, the 24-105mm f/4 L USM. I am confident that I am ready to switch to full frame, and I was wondering what you recommend. Nikon seems to have cheaper full frames, such as the D610, but should I just go for a used Canon full frame? My budget is around $1500.

  3. Nice, i always asked myself how to do this.
    Another question, do you edit photo's on a high dpi monitor? Like 4 or 5k in 27 inch form factor?
    I find it more difficult to value image sharpness then on lower dpi monitors, i found that less sharp foto's on lower dpi monitors are sharper on high dpi ones.
    So in lightroom, do you zoom more then 1:1 for sharpness evaluation?

  4. What a brilliant idea and composition. I started playing with your sample photos but it's going to take quite a few attempts. The pen tool might make a cleaner selection but it would be slow. (Done, quite happy with my attempt. I copied the images and cropped them to make things easier to see and place. Then removed the tern from one of the images to use as the background. Imported the rest as a stack then masked out the background around the tern).

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  7. When I need to manually align layers in GIMP, I change the top layer to "difference." When you do that, it highlights where the layers differ the most, making it easy to line them up quickly; just move them until you get rid of most of the highlighted areas.
    Still a useful video.

  8. Amazing. It'd have been cool if you'd hit ctrl + r to see the size you were working with, and generally get a better idea of how a large print would have been. Consequently, how did your print turn out?

  9. why not re-title your video "…in Photoshop, and these other programs." why not JUST use Photoshop, if that's what you're going to call your video? it's deceptive, otherwise.

  10. Total credit to you for pulling off a multiple exposure like that, it's hard enough with fast moving clouds but with next to no continuity of the background, wow I'm in awe!
    With hind sight it would have been easier zooming out and capturing the whole sequence that way, in instances like this, pre-visualisation pays off in post editing.
    Oh one VITAL tip, SAVE your editing at various stages throughout the edit, losing an hours work in a computer crash is a real bummer.

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