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Spanish Gazpacho Soup | Omar Allibhoy

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The only soup for summer! Omar’s delicious, fresh and chilled gazpacho soup recipe will take you straight to the hills of sunny Spain. Rich tomatoes, cool …


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  1. Hola Omar…. Puedes hacer un video de otra clásica y simple receta para el verano…. Salmorejo Cordobés…. Me encanta y siempre lo preparo cuando hace calor… Me encantaría ver tu versión….

  2. Spain has the largest production in olive oil, so it probably has the best quality. In the same logic, you can find the most gourmet burgers in McDonald's.

  3. ¡Felicidades! una de las mejores recetas en Youtube. La reenvié a mis amigos anglófonos, porque he visto muchas recetas en inglés, que de gazpacho…sólo tienen en nombre:((
    For all the people out there still thinking that we, Spaniards, are small and dark skinned, maybe you should go to Spain and see the diversity of types you can find. Small and tall, blond, redhead, brown and black hair; blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes; very dark skin, very light skin… :))

  4. I was delighted to hear about the tip regarding putting ice cubes in the mixer. I hadn't done this and I was wondering why the flavour was not quite right!! Thanks Omar, I shall do this as see if it makes a difference!!

  5. Actually the cummin and pepper part is kinda his "touch", the original recipe does not have that, just the vegetables, salt and olive oil. And also if you want to use spanish cucumber you better peel it off cause it will be quite bitter, with the dutch cucumber there's no problem with the skin.

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