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Sony NEX-C3 Review

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The world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens camera is out, or at least that’s what they say. We get our hands on the new Sony NEX …


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  1. @DigitalRevCom, i love you videos, and i know probably nobody is going to read this, but i wanna ask 2 things :
    – Review more Pentax cameras and lenses
    – Try to take more artistic photos on the review. I know Kai is a good photographer, but just because he is on a review he takes sucky pictures! Also, it would be nice to display a 100% crop on the bottom right corner of the video!

  2. sony bias. i don't mind if he said this camera ok & good low light cap (than doing on low light situation, not bright light outside). esp sony pancake lens, it's easy to hate the IQ & really dull. it's easier to impressed people with cheapo m4/3 panasonic 14mm lens (or 17mm oly or even better 20mm pana). be honest!

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  5. People need to lighten up.  Kai and his team do informal reviews & tips with funny & often perverted humor.  If your looking for in-depth, straight-to-the-point reviews, then go elsewhere.  I go here because they cover the main characteristics of the camera whilst making me laugh.

  6. Cool review, great location, humour on point.
    Unfortunately, it seems, I own one of these.
    I was hoping it would be good for video.
    Great reviews here always.

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