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Sony a9 Review: Is the HYPE real? vs a7R II, Canon 1DX II, Nikon D5, D500

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NOTE: CHECK THE PINNED COMMENT. Full review with pictures and video from the Sony a9 vs the Sony a7R II, Canon 1DX II, Nikon D5, and Nikon D500.


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  1. Would it not be better to use a Nikon D500 for sports, action & wildlife due to that deep buffer and XQD card speed? I know it is cropped sensor but maybe better value for money overall depending on what you like to photograph of course.

  2. I had the some problem like Chelsea while trying it. I always released the shutter button to avoid the buffer to fill up because I was used to that from my a7rii. I think the two are not real maybe because of the pre-release model. I have a slower card and I never waited 2min

  3. use two cameras and all problems are resolved on all of these cameras….pros always use at least two cameras…..many reviews give different results because of the human factor, but you are probably at the top of this food chain so your tests have credibility……

  4. SO many are talking about Image quality , high Iso image quality , dynamic range , video quality , handling but which one of these brand give accurate color & tone straight out of the camera , I am a Nikon shooter but I prefer canon skin tone if I choose to shoot people but which one should I pick with accurate color & tone in all kinds of photography & videography work without doing much correction on post..

  5. 2025: Sony A15, it has a helper AI to choose your best shots from 2354820 frames per second it can shoot, silently. 🙂 Jokes aside, as a layman hobbyist, the no-blackout thing is something every mirrorless should have, it's a quality-of-life improvement.

  6. Great review! I primarily shoot studio shots and am very surprised that the flash sync speed is only 1/160s. That is what I get with my old mechanical DSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark III. My Canon EOS 1Dx Mark 1 gets 1/200 no problem, and the reason I cannot get to 1/250 is likely due to cheap flash triggers. I struggle getting the shutter speed fast enough if I zoom in with my favorite 70-200mm and there is movement, so I had very much hoped that mirrorless would have given me even faster flash sync speeds (although 1/200 is usually enough). I guess it is not time to make the switch just yet. It is still a very nice camera though!

  7. NOTE: Buffer clearing times might be ~30 seconds with one card and ~2 minutes with two cards. I may have had a faulty UHS-II card, because my buffer clearing performance matched Max's UHS-I measurements. Both the card and camera were pre-production, so it seems like something went wrong. LINKS:

    Jordan's review: https://youtu.be/QHym5T2_xUM
    Sony a9: http://sdp.io/a9
    Sony 100-400 GM: http://sdp.io/s400
    Sony 70-200 GM: http://sdp.io/s200gm
    Sony 24-70 GM: http://sdp.io/s70gm
    UHS-II SD for a9: http://amzn.to/2qbhRZW
    Our video books: http://sdp.io/store

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